First Day of School (and proof positive that time flies)

Yesterday was the first day back to school. It’s our tradition, and certainly not a unique one, to take a picture at the front door.  This year’s obligatory shot:

We are a little nostalgic this school year as it is my oldest son’s last year at home. Nostalgic, surprised, overwhelmed, proud–these are the conflicting emotions of the parents of a high school senior. I mean, seriously, how can it be? My firstborn, a senior? Time flies, as I’ve testified to you before, and here’s proof: his first day of kindergarten front door picture…

That was then; this is now…

Twelve years pass by in a blink of the eye!

And here’s the shot of all the brothers as they were then, back when there were only three…

I like to tell the story of taking my oldest to kindergarten. Of course we all walked him into his classroom, he marching before us like he was born ready (which I think he probably was), me the non-sentimental stoic and slightly stressed mom herding along a preschooler and toddler, and his brother, our number two son, the only one crying because he didn’t want big brother to go to school!

No one cried yesterday, not even me, which doesn’t mean I haven’t and I won’t. I have wept some, out of sadness at the passage of time and because I miss him already and he hasn’t even gone…yet. But I cry too out of gratitude. What blessing is mine to be granted the grace and the privilege to mother four wonderful sons! I am so proud of my boy, of all my boys, and I am overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness to us. It’s grace, all of it, grace from beginning to end. I think I see His grace all the more clearly here closer to the end than I did at the beginning and I am humbly grateful.

The Lord has been good to us. Blessed be the name of the Lord.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

9 thoughts on “First Day of School (and proof positive that time flies)”

  1. Nice looking boys. There will be other "first days" for him. Get ready for next year. When we dropped off our daughter at college, and watched her turn to walk toward her residence building, it was hard, indeed. Last year, my son who was in his first year of college, forbade me to cry. So I waited. This September, my youngest will start his last "first day" in high school, too. I'm right there with you, fellow mama bear. Hugs to you!

  2. Sweet photos! I remember my mom taking pictures like these as well. She has a whole series of photos of me and my sister, carrying backpacks and standing on the front porch.

  3. Oh my. I want to cry myself just looking at those sweet pictures. I think I cried more my daughter's senior year than the actual first year she was gone. ha. (I've decided I'm an anticipatory griever.) Yes, the Lord has been good to us.

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