Friday’s Fave Five

I meant to post a Friday’s favorites yesterday, it being Friday and all, but after I posted those quotes from the Desiring God blog, I got distracted with all manner of things like cleaning out the pantry and the fridge, running errands, buying groceries, washing and folding clothes, cooking and taking supper to a friend, among other things. Hence a Friday’s Favorites on a Saturday.

Certainly this week had several notable favorites, a twenty year anniversary foremost among them all. However, I thought I’d take a different approach this week and expand on something I mentioned in my status report a couple of weeks ago. It being July, smack dab in the middle of summer, and me being weary of summer and that weariness making me cranky, I thought I’d once again remind myself of things that are good about summertime, favorite things, things worth listing and expressing gratitude for…

So, five favorite things about summer:

1. Teva flip flops. I love Teva flip flops and have three pair. So comfortable! I like the Olowahu the best; I have them in red and gray and wear them all the time. I also have the Mush Adapto in Black. So, yes, wearing flip flops in general, Teva most particularly, is something to like about summer.

2. While I’m talking fashion (a rarity, to be sure), I also like white jeans. I like wearing jeans year ’round but since I can only wear white jeans in the summer, they must be a favorite thing about summer. Please note, the restriction of wearing certain types of garments in the summer, such as white jeans and flip flops, does not necessarily render them a favorite (i.e. shorts and swim suits are not favorite things about summer).

3. Homemade ice cream. Enough said. Except I will say that my husband got a new maker for Father’s Day and it makes some really, really good cream. Yum.

4. Not having to get out the door first thing in the morning. I still get up fairly early, depending on your standards, between 6 and 7 am, but I enjoy piddling around the house in the morning and having the flexibility to choose to get out at a time of my choosing.

5. Anticipating fall. I love fall (and yes, winter too) the best, and the dog days of summer make me love them all the more. Though summer seems interminable, especially here in the South, I know that cooler days are on their way. So, weird as it may be, knowing that it will surely end is another favorite thing about summer!

What about you? Do you love summer…or merely endure as I do?

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Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five”

  1. Summer is not my favorite. Spring and Fall are more my weather comfort zones. Our weather this year is making me yearn a bit for summer because we just aren't getting it here in the Northwest.

  2. I don't know if I could come up with 5 summer favorites… I am a fall person. Already longing for the cooler days, the smells, and the colors. (But, I'm with you on the flip flops…although Reefs are my brand of choice.)

  3. I like summer for a while…it's just nice to finally be out of the intense gray dreariness that we get from January to April. But by mid-July, I'm longing for fall. Early fall and late spring are by far my favorites. I generally don't like being too cold OR too hot. But I like jeans better than shorts, so maybe winter wins. 🙂

  4. i like the idea of doing a post on 5 things i love about summer. i have a serie of posts titled "5 things i love about …" i like the sunshine of summer but not the heat. however this summer has been very, very mild – so far!the teva sandals look very comfy and i like all the colour choices. good prices too. next time I need to buy sandals i will definitely look into these. i have never worn white jeans. i like the look of them but i always get stuff on anything that i wear that is white.ohhh, homemade ice cream. i just remembered that my daughter brought home her ice cream maker. i need to have a hunt for it and make some tomorrow! thanks for another good idea, lisa. have a great week.

  5. Okay, I take back the Google + miser/grouch comment. This isn't so bad!! I too love flip flips/sandals as footwear and an easier morning schedule (though like you, my summer wake-up time is still much earlier than most). I love that the most about summer, and I also love summer vacation and summer reading (for me and the kids) and swimming (though not the extreme heat).

  6. I do love cooler temps, but unfortunately we don't get them this far south until January or so! And I'm not looking forward to getting up and out of the house earlier; I do relish my summers. I feel smack dab in the middle of summer, too — I love your cure of looking ahead.Have a great week ahead.

  7. My body doesn't like extreme temperatures at all! But I love the laziness of summer, and I'm a big fan of flip flops,white jeans, and home made ice cream too!

  8. White jeans?! What a brave gal you are… or maybe that is a privilege reserved for when your children are old enough not to wipe grubby fingers and mouths on you? 😉 I have a pair of Teva Olowahu flips as well. I need to figure out how to scrub/wash them, though. I have had them awhile… I think my list of summer "likes" would be short as well. Way to focus on some positives 🙂

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