Happy Anniversary to us! Today we celebrate twenty years!

As we were then…

And as we are now…

My husband is a good man, a godly man, a man who loves the Lord Jesus. He works hard to take care of us and spoils me rotten. I am so thankful to the Lord for my husband, for our marriage, for how well my husband loves me, and for twenty years of life together. He knows me like no one else and yet remains my biggest fan! I love Jesus more and I see His grace better because of the undeserved and unmerited favor granted to me through the love lavished on me by my husband. If you’d asked me twenty years ago I wouldn’t have thought it possible that I could love him more than I did that day but I do! I am blessed. I am grateful. I love him so.

To God be the glory; great things He has done!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

21 thoughts on “Twenty”

  1. Happy Anniversary, Lisa! May the Lord give you many more years together and continue to make your marriage a blessing to your family and many others. Your faces shine, because of Him.

  2. Happy Anniversary!I loved looking at both pictures. And from my perspective as a wedding photographer – I think both pictures accurately represent the stages in marriage. You have the beautiful bride (because you were!) and the handsome, tentative groom. Twenty years in you have the relaxed couple who have aged into a deeper beauty – who have clearly grown in love and understanding. And are happy. I LOVE seeing this!!Thank you so much for sharing! And I hope you two have a fabulous day!

  3. That is precious & melts my heart! You were a beautiful bride & Randy's hair was very…dark! šŸ™‚ Just teasing-you are an even lovelier couple now, inside & out!

  4. Wow! I didn't get a chance to say Happy Anniversary yesterday, so I am saying it a day late. What a beautiful blog about a beautiful couple. As we discussed recently, it is such a privilege to be known so well by someone and be loved by them even more. Thank you for letting us celebrate what God has done with you! I hope the next 20 are even sweeter.

  5. Happy, happy Anniversary to you both. You look great then and now! What a lovely tribute to your hubby. God knew what He was doing when he put you two together! :v)

  6. Happy belated Anniversary! You two are looking good!Ours was just 10 days after yours and we are celebrating 18 years. How does this time fly by so fast??

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