Status Report, July

Sitting…at my dining room table. I was out on the porch earlier this morning and it was bearable then. Now, it’s just plain hot. And humid. And hot. And therefore miserable.

Ready…for fall, a fact I think I may have already mentioned to you a time or two. I know, I know, it’s only July and the heat and humidity of August and September have yet to be endured. Ugh.

Choosing…to remember the good things about July, like celebrating Independence Day and my husband and sons’ enjoyment of the Tour (de France, that is) and…

Looking forward…to a few days at the beach later this month. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen the ocean so it will be a fun family getaway.

Anticipating…the release of the final Harry Potter movie! Y’all know of my love for Harry and I am so excited about seeing the conclusion of his story on the big screen.

Re-reading…the last two books of the Harry Potter series. Yeah, I’m a nerd. I own it. No shame.

Seeking…recommendations for beach reads. Read anything good (like, really really good) lately?

Making…my grocery list and coming up empty in terms of supper ideas for the week. A total blank. Any suggestions?  Quick and easy is my mantra when it comes to summertime cooking (actually when it comes to cooking any time!)

Learned…a new card game while enjoying supper with some friends over the weekend. As a rule, I’m not a big game player but this was fun (translation: little skill or strategy necessary=my kind of game). Of course, an evening spent with friends is always a pleasure.

Enjoyed…a few hours rummaging in a couple of antique stores with a good friend last Friday. I bought some vintage Pyrex, a couple of books (you know it), and an old stool/stepstool. Fun!

Reflecting…on my pastor’s words Sunday as our church took communion together. He spoke of the bond we share as believers and how the Lord in His providence brought us together in love, as a family, remembering as he did so of the various ways we all met each other. I too marvel over the grace and goodness of the Lord as I think of the different paths we’ve taken, only to come together as friends, family, and fellow sojourners. What grace! It’s all because of Jesus! He has drawn us himself, we who were far away, and he has drawn us together. I love my church!

Thinking…about grace and how much I need it. I am the poor, destitute pauper, a beggar, undeserving of the goodness and mercy extended to me by a loving Father. I am ashamed at how often I forget my desperate poverty. Out on the porch this morning, as I read my Bible and prayed with casual and cursory ardor, I grew ashamed of my nonchalance. Who am I? Weak and lost, dead and doomed apart from the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is so good; I am so unworthy. Grace, grace…

Happy July, friends! May you too enjoy a fresh vision of the grace and goodness of the Lord today! And if you have any recipe or book suggestions, by all means send them on! 🙂

Posting your own status report? Link up in the comments and let us know; it’s always fun to see a slice of life as other friends know it…


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

8 thoughts on “Status Report, July”

  1. We're looking forward to Harry, too. Katie asked if I was interesting in a midnight showing…then she realized who she was talking to and said "how about an early morning showing. I said "That's more like it".

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