A glimpse into our goings and comings

Well, well, well. So it’s been a week since I last logged in here to attempt a post, or something vaguely resembling one, and while you the reader can no longer be surprised by such lapses in posting I the author remain so. I never intend for the site to lie dormant for so many days; in fact I even had a few pressing thoughts eager to make their way to the computer screen…and yet, here we are. So what have I been up to since I obviously haven’t been blogging?

We had new carpet installed upstairs, a much needed project albeit one requiring much preparatory labor. The installers moved all the large pieces of furniture; we had to only have what I call the “little stuff” cleared out from under the beds, off the floors of the closets, off the shelves, and so on. Did I mention much prepatory labor? We stacked most of it in the dining room (yes, the children helped–I was not about to attempt the transport of the many lego creations). Who knew there was so much junk hidden under the beds and in the closets?

As I mentioned, the new carpet was a much needed investment. In other words, our old carpet was shot. When deciding on exactly which carpet we wanted, I told the salesman that I had four boys and I wasn’t a very good housekeeper and therefore I needed carpet that would withstand both. Time will tell, I suppose. I chose a much darker color as well, a brown named “Flowerbed” and while I worried that perhaps we were channeling 1972, I really, really like it. Now we have only to reinstate all the little stuff to their former hiding places.

It is also Vacation Bible School this week. So, yeah, the new carpet and associated labor notwithstanding, we’re tired. Though I have to say that I really like the approach of this particular curriculum. Our classes travel to stations for the Bible lesson, crafts, games, and snacks so my main responsibility is making sure my little class of four year olds stays on schedule. That I can do!

In other news, I signed up for Pinterest though I remain a little unsure as to its concept and use, particularly for someone like me who prefers words to pictures and whose hobby doesn’t require spray paint and sander but a laptop and thesaurus. 🙂 I do enjoy reading and gaining inspiration from various home and decorating blogs so it will be fun to accumulate (“pin”) images and ideas that I like in one page (“board”). Just a cursory glance on the boards that I follow already has me ready for a thrift/antique store shopping spree–I’m thinking I need a few more plates to hang on the wall! No doubt there are all sorts of other uses to be discovered. Oh, and if you want to check out my boards and pins and such (though I currently have only two, yes count them, two pins) you can follow me here.

I’ve also been reading Feminine Threads: Women in the Tapestry of Christian History for an upcoming blog tour. Though I will have more to say in next week’s post, I will say this: this book is a fascinating look at the lives and faith of Christian women throughout history. I’m ashamed to admit how little world history I know and to read of the impact and influence of the gospel through the stories of real women in various historical and cultural contexts–well, as I said, it’s fascinating. I’m enjoying both the (brief) history lesson and the encouragement that comes with remembering those who’ve gone before and who stood firm contending for the faith, often at great cost.

Speaking of books, I received an advance copy of Nancy Guthrie’s study on Genesis this week, The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis. I am really excited about perusing it more carefully but what I see, I like! A lot!

So, there’s a small glimpse into our goings and comings. I hope that you too are enjoying a summer full of the blessings of church and family, good books and good friends, grace undeserved and mercy overflowing…


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “A glimpse into our goings and comings”

  1. Lego creations…snicker, snicker, cry, cry. My house is drowning in them. I can relate. I can relate to slower blogging and having thoughts that never seem to make it to the computer screen, too. Summer time! Glad you're doing well. Enjoy that carpet!! And the Genesis study sounds wonderful…..

  2. So good to hear from you, friend! I have 4 year olds coming up in VBS in a few weeks. I wish we did ours like you do. At least I don't have to worry with crafts and music. Praise Jesus, there are others more qualified to handle that!Can't wait to hear your thoughts on both books.

  3. I am also reading Feminine Threads and it's really given me a desire to learn more about church/world history. It's amazing to see how traditions began as individuals departed from adhering to Scripture alone.

  4. Well getting new carpet is definitely a project!! Congrats! Feminine Threads certainly sounds intriguing. I will be awaiting your thoughts.And, as always, good to hear from you whenever you do manage to find a moment!

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