Iron sharpening iron

Last Friday I had lunch with two wise and brilliant friends of mine, godly women passionate about doctrine and theology and the glory of God in all things. They are thinking women, articulate and smart, and love the Lord Jesus with single-minded, whole-hearted fervor. Our conversation swirled around such diverse topics as trusting the Lord in difficulty, seeking wisdom in parenting, Sabbatarianism and choosing a carpet color.

In case you were wondering, my contribution to the day’s conversation was the carpet color dilemma.

It is easy for someone like me, in my more insecure moments, to be intimidated by these friends. So articulate, so impassioned that sometimes I am tempted to feel silly and shallow. Sometimes. Instead, I am deeply thankful, both for my friends and for the healthy and helpful dose of humility that reminds me to press on and press in and seek after the deep things of the Lord in ever increasing determination. They encourage me, these mom-theologians whose theology isn’t merely academic but lives itself out as they mother their children, love their husbands, serve their church, and struggle to be faithful to the Lord even when life is confusing and sometimes disappointing. What examples they are to me!

Iron sharpening iron, I want to be that kind of friend!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “Iron sharpening iron”

  1. Hi Lisa,I entirely relate to this and the temptation to feel intimidated by godly, wise friends! Thank you for reminding me it is a temptation, and that the better response is to be "press on and press in" after God. God bless you!Diana.

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