Status Report, May

Sitting…on my back porch.

Drinking…the last of the coffee.

Thinking…I may go ahead and put on another pot. Maybe it was the morning or two without power, hence without coffee, that has made my enjoyment of it all the more pronounced. Or maybe it’s just Monday after a long weekend and I’m tired; who knows?

Thanking…those of you who checked on us via text message, Twitter, Facebook, and comments here at the blog. For those of you who don’t know, I live in Alabama and there are areas of our state suffering greatly in the aftermath of last weeks’ deadly tornadoes. We were spared, our only hardship being the loss of electricity for 4 days due to damage at the main power source. My family’s personal hardship was minimal as we escaped to my in-law’s and my sister’s for the weekend. I’m thankful for family!

Grateful…for a roof over my head, smart phones, social media like Facebook and Twitter, car phone chargers, and a grill. My brother in law teased my husband and I for staying glued to our phones; I explained to him that living in a town like ours means there is no major media outlet! If not for the information about local conditions being posted via friends’ Facebook statuses we would have no information. Oh, and the coffee my husband made by heating water on the grill? The best cup I ever had! I suppose the possibility of having to do without makes the reality all the better!

Pondering…the mysterious providence of God.

Praying…for my fellow Alabamians. The images from Tuscaloosa and other ravaged areas are horrible and heartbreaking. Jesus is indeed our only hope. May the hope of the gospel grant comfort and peace to those who suffer and grieve!

Wondering…if perhaps I ought to no longer write posts on tornadoes and God’s sovereignty. I’m kidding, of course, but again the heartbreaking reality serves as a sobering reminder that the sovereignty of God is sometimes a severe mercy, to borrow Vanauken’s book title. So many have lost so much. May the Lord show Himself strong and faithful, a gracious and sovereign God who works all things together for His glory and the ultimate good for those who love Him. Yes, Lord, You are able and You are sufficient…


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “Status Report, May”

  1. Glad to hear you are all ok. We were really sorry to hear of all the pain and suffering of many others. God is faithful, all the time. Praying for restoration and healing…

  2. Thanks for praying for Tuscaloosa. The church families around here are working hard to serve and minister to those hardest hit. It will be a long recovery, though…years.

  3. Thankful that you and your family are okay. Things like this do cause us to ponder the mysterious providence of God, don't they? We will be driving through Alabama in 2 weeks, but down Mobile way.

  4. VERY glad you and your family are safe! And also glad (for your sake) that you can enjoy a good cup of coffee again. Hey! We can be grateful for everything! =D

  5. Found you through Lisa Notes…we discovered on Tuesday that we live within a couple of miles of each other so I'm just getting to know her, too.I liked what you said about being grateful for the coffee your husband made…mine works in Memphis and came to see about me on Thursday night about 10:00 when he couldn't reach me by phone to see if I was still alright…Friday morning, he went and made coffee for me on the gas grill before I got out of bed.I grew up at Sardis and my husband between Albertville and Guntersville.I will be following you.Mama Bear

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