Friday morning

It’s been a long week with a long and busy day yesterday. I am exhausted. My day yesterday began well with a great Bible study followed by errands and lunch with my husband and friends. Yesterday afternoon was the usual rush of more errands and car line, followed by the not-so-usual: a tuxedo fitting for my oldest son who will be attending prom this Saturday along with all its accompanying activities, from pictures to limo to a restaurant meal in the big city to the prom itself to a post-prom breakfast. Let’s just say William and Kate have nothing on the pomp and circumstance of today’s prom. So I kid, but only a little. Last time I went to prom (two decades ago…okay, closer to three decades ago), your date borrowed his dad’s car and your mom snapped your picture in front of the fireplace before you went to eat. No more.

Enough of my prom rant. I will say I think my son will have a wonderful time, the stuff memories are made of, even if his mother has a difficult time reconciling the handsome man in a tux with the little boy of her mind’s eye (and heart).

Following the tux fitting (which necessitated the hem of the pants being let out a full three inches), it was a mad dash home to clean up the kitchen before my in laws arrived, a mad dash to a meeting, supper out with the in laws followed by a soccer match which we lost. In penalty kicks, a stinky way to lose. We didn’t get home until well after ten p.m., hence the exhaustion I mentioned earlier.

While at the soccer match I received a call from our vet. Some of you know our puppy is very sick. His call confirmed that she is by no means better and in fact not doing well at all. I will call him this morning, here in just a few minutes, but the short of it is she may not recover. My boys–my younger two especially–are grieving, my husband too. I am as well. I dread calling him and I dread what he may have to tell me.

Depending on the outcome of my telephone call, I am thinking I may spend my morning in the pages of Our Mutual Friend instead of cleaning out the playroom closet which is really what I ought to do (oh, the list of things I ought to do!). I may check out the Masterpiece theater offerings on Netflix’s instant queue. I do know I will be getting my hair cut and colored at 11:30, a welcome–albeit frivolous and silly–exercise, which is okay so long as I remember it is frivolous and silly and temporal in its joy. Still, it is a joy and one I look forward to.

I am thinking on our conversation from Bible study yesterday when we discussed worship and how true worship is not fueled by our feelings. True, there are feelings involved in worship (as they should be!) and it is right and good to worship the Lord in the overflow of joy and exultation. Sometimes, though, our worship may be a discipline of sorts, a determination to remember the Lord’s grace and goodness while fighting weariness or melancholy, you know, just by way of example. He is worthy in those times as well and I rejoice. He is my salvation and my song!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “Friday morning”

  1. I'm sad to hear about your puppy, but glad the vet is encouraged by her improvement. How well I know how our pets can work their way into our hearts and it is a real grief when we hear they may not make it.That determined praise in spite of melancholy, that discipline to remember the Lord's grace and goodness is rightly called the sacrifice of praise sometimes. He is so very worthy in those times as well, and well I know that determination to worship and fight weariness. I am there today and have been for a little while now. But He is so worthy and His peace truly does surpass understanding and guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. What a wonderful Savior! Rejoice in the Lord, again I say, Rejoice!

  2. OH no! I hope Darcy recovers. Prom is made into a much bigger deal these days than it was even one decade ago. It's so weird. But, as I was telling a friend of mine who was bothered by all the hoopla, this is THE NIGHT for some of these kids. Prom is the high point of their lives. So, let them spend a little extra and enjoy themselves on this night. I'm sure this won't be the case for your son(s). They will go places in life and be successful, Lord willing. But that won't be the case for many of their classmates.

  3. Oh NO about Darcy! I'll be looking for an update on that. I am so very sorry – that is very hard. And yes, I think a day to read and get a haircut sounds like a good thing to do.Praying for your family.

  4. Sad to hear this news about Darcy. What does the vet say she has? Ditto my appreciation for fighting discouragement and weariness with the sweetness of the word. Psalm 13 was my specific balm this past week. He reminded me of true joy, not the fleeting. Preaching to myself with His words grants perseverance for another day.

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