Status Report, April

Sitting…on my back porch.

Drinking…coffee, black. Guzzling is more like it. I’m about to put on a second pot; it’s that kind of morning already.

Watching…the puppy destroy one of her toys. She is making a mess!

Thinking…I should be working on a grocery list so as to get to the store and back before the forecasted storms hit.

Procrastinating…as is usual.

Moving…rather slowly this morning.

Pondering…the sovereignty of God and how it is both a mystery and a comfort. I don’t understand it but I rest and rejoice in it!

Remembering…the tornado that hit our town almost a year ago

Experiencing…a burst of gardening fervor. I hung ferns on my front porch and even planted some flowers, both of which are highly unusual for me, at least in recent years.

Loving…my church. Last night we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and enjoyed dinner on the grounds right there in our parking lot. We had a great time! I so love the fellowship and unity we enjoy as sisters and brothers bound together by covenant and our love for our Savior. And we are continuing to welcome new members; the Lord is so good!

Wondering…what boldness would look like in my very ordinary, middle class, small town, stay at home mom life. What does it mean, in my context, to live a life of reckless, abandoned faith?

Contemplating…painting my kitchen cabinets. White? Black? Glaze? Somebody stop me! I haven’t and I probably shouldn’t but I can’t stop speculating. Am I crazy? Yes, yes, I am.

Putting…on that second pot of coffee now…


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

3 thoughts on “Status Report, April”

  1. I want to do my kitchen cabinets, too. They are so sturdily built that to put new ones in would be (in one sense, at least) a step down. Painting is my best option, I think, to get rid of the disgusting dark wook finish. But I'm putting off starting because it's such a big job.

  2. If your cabinets are wood finish like oak or something I'd say YES! Go for IT! Paint them! Why not? Easy for me to say since Dear is a former house painter and does these projects while I'm gone for the day :0)

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