True Confessions

  • I need to make a grocery list. Monday is my grocery day but so far I’ve done nothing to make it happen. Any menu suggestions?
  • My neighbor is moving to another part of town and I am sad.
  • I am also envious. I’ve confessed my inner gypsy to you before. Lately I have been even more restless and tempted to indulge in discontent and the desire for a new address.
  • Last week in Bible study we discussed Psalm 16 and I testified how that psalm encourages me when I am prone to dissatisfaction and resentment. I told the group that when I remember that I have a beautiful inheritance in Jesus Himself I can do even the most mundane of tasks with joy. I can be content whatever my lot because of Christ.
  • Sometimes after I give confident testimony, I crash and burn and I struggle in that very area of my life. 
  • Sometimes I think if I have to do one more load of laundry I will scream. Or lose my mind. Or something. Sometimes it’s hard to remember my beautiful inheritance in the midst of so much that is the same, day in and day out, day after day the same. Like laundry. And packing lunches. And going to the grocery on Mondays. Just keepin’ it real.
  • We’ve had an exciting week of sports around here: my second son scored a header goal in his varsity soccer debut and my oldest son’s basketball team made it to the sweet sixteen of the state tournament!
  • Sometimes a mom just likes to brag.
  • I always feel a little guilty when I do brag on my kids because one of my biggest fears is becoming one of those moms (you know of what I speak)…
  • We watched the second Wall Street movie the other night. I couldn’t understand most of what was happening and I felt a little dumb, at least in regard to money and stock and buyouts and just about everything else related to financial markets. 
  • Speaking of feeling dumb…I began reading One Thousand Gifts a week or so ago. Ann Voskamp writes with an ethereal, almost mystical beauty, the kind that makes you hold your breath as you read. And yet…yet I found myself kind of confused when I tried to figure out what she was actually saying. I even emailed a friend to ask! So, I felt dumb because evidently plain Jane prose is more to my taste and understanding…
  • I haven’t finished reading One Thousand Gifts yet so please don’t hear me passing judgment on the book or the merit of its message.
  • I thought when one got to the ripe old age of 42 she might have gotten past feeling dumb and ridiculous.
  • I was wrong.
  • I wish I were blogging more.
  • We’ve been enjoying some warmer weather with temps rising to the 70 mark! Despite my professed love for winter, I confess that maybe spring doesn’t sound so bad.
  • I even wore flip flops this morning to take the kids to school, and this after telling my friends yesterday at church that I just couldn’t go there, not flip flops, not in February. Yet further proof of how the mighty may fall! 🙂
  • I will now attempt a grocery list even as I preach the truth to myself, that Christ is enough and He is everything and in Him I find fullness of joy! He is my beautiful inheritance, my greatest Treasure, my life and my joy!

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

12 thoughts on “True Confessions”

  1. Grocery list – just what I was avoiding when I clicked on. Even as 50 is now beginning to be in my sight (how is that possible?!) I still have many days of dumb and ridiculous. And, moms and bragging – did you really have to go there? Hope you all are well – miss you.

  2. Umm, ditto on the 1000 Gifts confession. Her words cause my brain to tangle like my iPod earbuds. Sometimes it seems that she travels to Sydney, AUS, while trying to get to GA when she could have taken a direct flight to Atl instead. Like you, not a criticism b/c I love the point of her message. And the message point alone is taking me to various life markers where I'm re-asking and re-answering questions the Lord has worked out in my life. The observation of self reveals that I'm a plain prose girl too. Tell me true. Tell me straight. I'll send you to Canada for the flowers.

  3. Sometimes after I give confident testimony, I crash and burn and I struggle in that very area of my life. AMEN says the woman who just wrote a book on organization. I think it was C.S. Lewis that said that never does a point seem weaker than when he has just gotten done defending it.

  4. I haven't started reading 1,000 Gifts yet, either. I'm working on three book reviews and I'm not allowing myself to read anything else until I finish writing what I've started. But I enjoyed reading your list!!

  5. I can relate to your laundry point. Sigh. And there are days I wish someone else would come up with the menu ideas. I get into a rut and we have the same few things over and over, but when I ask for suggestions none of the people in my house have any. So, we have the same few things again. I like that you mentioned preaching the truth to yourself in the midst of it all. I need to do that, too. Yes, and Amen that Christ is enough and He is my greatest treasure. Thanks for the reminder yet again.

  6. Third person to mention One Thousand Gifts. Hmm. Hoping you'll tell us what you think of it in the end.My true confessions today would be that I had a great weekend with out-of-town guests and have ZERO motivation to do a single thing today. My oldest is sick, my middle one is not, and my third has declared this "active day." Just trying to sit as much as possible and take it easy in my pj's. =)And as to everything you say about laundry? Amen!

  7. I'll have to ditto the sentiments on One Thousand Gifts. No offense to Mrs. Voskamp, but the first chapter (free online) was just a little too overstated for my taste. Sadly, her message seems to get lost in the layers of literary taffeta and tulle.Maybe I'm just too simple-minded. I like the way Paul said it in 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

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