What I Might Have Blogged, Had I Blogged

So. Well. Despite my intentions to the contrary, the blog has remained mostly silent, more for lack of time than subject matter. Here are some of the things I might have blogged, had I blogged at the time. Given the requisite time and energy, I might have written about…

  • The book Same Kind of Different as Me and how much I liked it and how different it was from what I expected. I might have told you about our book club’s discussion about such topics as God’s sovereignty, true ministry, and how to reach out to those different from ourselves.
  • Attending the school Veteran’s Day program and how much I love Veteran’s Day programs. I always, always get tears in my eyes when the attending veterans are recognized. This year I sat behind a dear friend and “her” Marine, her oldest boy in his dress blues, home for quick visit. He will soon head to the Middle East in service of his country.
  • Getting a puppy and how unprepared I was for the all encompassing nature of raising a puppy. I have to agree with my friend who has a puppy from the same litter as ours when she said “I wasn’t quite ready to be a mom again!” It’s just like raising a newborn except I’m a lot older now!
  • How raising a puppy is teaching me about myself, namely how exhausted I get without any sleep and how terrible I act when I’m exhausted. My poor family. The puppy now sleeps through the night (yes and amen) so things are looking up. I’m no dog person but I will confess: I kind of like having her around. When she’s good, that is. Like the rest of us, when she’s bad, she’s very bad.
  • Giving thanks for all the many blessings the Lord has granted to me. My husband. My boys. My family. My church. Just to name a few. And over and above it all, the blessing of knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord. What mercy. What grace. I am indeed thankful.
  • The book Radical Womanhood and how much I liked reading it again and how important I think its message is and how I wished more ladies from our church had read it for our book club meeting Monday night. We had some great discussion and I was encouraged as always by my sisters in Christ and their determination to follow the Lord in joyful humility.
  • How I’ve started with the Christmas decorating (only started, mind you) and how my youngest son chuckled, “Wow, Mama. This is not like you.” I probably would have also blogged about my dread of the season and how overwhelmed I feel but that would be old news to any longtime readers out there (anyone? anyone?) and I would feel badly for singing the same tune every year at this time.
  • Celebrating the news that my dear friend is expecting her first baby. I would probably reflect on my own first pregnancy and would certainly wax nostalgic (you know me) as I realize how quickly 16+ years pass.
  • The mundane stuff, like the crazy day I had Monday and the comedy of errors that ensued in the mere preparation of chocolate chip pies for our book club meeting. Or the not so mundane like my son’s soccer team winning the Division II State Cup or my other son’s soccer team placing second in their state tournament. 
No doubt there were many more blogging opportunities over the last couple of months but here is something of a snapshot of life as we know it. Real life, we are living it and I pray we are living it to the fullest, in the measure of joy and grace that the Lord has granted to us in this season. He is Life!

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

7 thoughts on “What I Might Have Blogged, Had I Blogged”

  1. =D Well, you WOULD have had a lot to say.Glad to hear puppy is sleeping through the night.And I had to re-read your sentence about you getting started decorating for Christmas. There is hope for us all, to be sure! =D (That so brought a smile to my face!)

  2. I remember when we got our dog as a puppy. My youngest was 2 years old at the time, and I remember thinking that the two of them must have been in cahoots to make my life as hectic as possible! Now he's 16 and she's 14, and they're doing different chaotic things!

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