What I’ve Been Doing

One thing is clear: I haven’t been blogging and I’ve missed it. I’m not certain what I’m about to offer qualifies as blogging, certainly not quality blogging, but, well, it is what it is. I’ve been a virtual stranger to all things computer related for what seems like forever. Instead of blogging confessions and conundrums, checking and replying to email, and visiting and commenting on blogs, I’ve been…

**Cheering at football games, especially for #84, receiver/kicker/punter on our high school’s varsity team (my oldest) and #29, defensive end on Pee Wee B Team Black (my youngest):

**Yelling at soccer games (and nearly getting into an altercation with another fan but that’s another confessional blog post for another time):

My second son

My third son

The majority of my time and energy has been devoted to this, the newest member of our family. Meet Darcy:

Yes, we finally have a girl in the house! 🙂 I have to tell you, puppies are a lot of work. It was sort of a spontaneous decision on our part, getting the puppy, so I’ve been slightly unprepared both in terms of my schedule and in terms of the shock to my system. Who knew taking care of a puppy would be so all encompassing? And who would have ever dreamed even a few weeks ago that I would find myself standing outside in the rain at 3 am waiting on a dog to do her business? A strange phenomenon, indeed. She’s a good doggie though, and I think she and I will be good for each other.

Besides football (which is over now) and soccer (and basketball soon and very soon), not to mention the feed and care of a puppy, I’ve been busy with the usual laundry (always and forever) and all the other household duties required to keep a family of six functioning. I have not been teaching Bible study which I miss terribly, now that is, yet I remain unsure how exactly to fit it all in which leads to a whole ‘nother kind of guilt: who decides to teach or not teach Bible study based on her calendar? Is that valid? I’ve spent today preparing to lead the devotion tonight at our ladies’ meeting with church and I am nervous and excited and a little off-kilter, sort of like I’m playing dress up in shoes that don’t quite fit.

Anyway, some days, most days, my life feels as if it is spinning out of control. It is a strange and curious stage of life we are in, the days flying by, leaving me reeling in their wake, sure that I missed something important if I only I could remember what it is. Oh, Lord, teach me to number my days! How I need a heart of wisdom! May I make the most of every opportunity because the days are fleeting! Help me to bring glory to the Father in all that I do!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

9 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing”

  1. Love the picture of you and Darcy! Why does that name not surprise me?!And yes, it's okay not to teach Bible Study based on the calendar. Your first priority is to your family, and these are busy, busy years. There will be years to come when you will have plenty of time for teaching.

  2. I have to hear about this altercation business! You have my curious! =DAnd I have to confess I was totally shocked to meet Darcy. I didn't expect that!Lastly, LOVE the picture of you and Darcy!

  3. I haven't checked in with you in quite sometime, and haven't been blogging much myself either. My oldest boy went to Kinder this year and it's about broken me to my knees every day as I cling to Jesus, and feeling emotionally undone, as if I've only hit the iceberg of motherhood. I fear I have not the strength to do it! But, we also just got a puppy! So funny, looks exactly like Darcy…..exactly, except it's a boy named Cooper. I tried for a girl, somehow still got a boy.

  4. I had three playing soccer this fall, it nearly killed me.A friend and I joke that mothers of teenagers need a support group just as bad as mothers of preschoolers. Unfortunately, we wouldn't have time to go to any of the meetings. 🙂

  5. Lisa I love reading your blogs, I am trying to go back through your archives and catch up. You certainly inspire me to strive with a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Thanks for blogging!P.S. – Your puppy is adorable!

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