Okay, ‘fess up: How many of you were surprised to see such a title on a post of mine? No, I’m not talking about that sort of housekeeping–as you know (and my family can testify) I am not a very good house-housekeeper, not by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, I am discussing housekeeping in terms of the blog and the maintenance issues therein.

Y’all may remember I moved back to blogger from wordpress a couple of months ago. When I first migrated to wordpress almost a year ago I purchased the lisaspence domain name through wordpress. Upon moving back to blogger, Jules the Everyday Mommy waved her magic techno-wand thereby allowing me to take that domain with me. I don’t know how she did it. I didn’t even ask. Had I asked I doubt I would have even understood.

But that domain will expire soon and I assume I have at least three options open to me: I can renew the lisaspence domain name (presumably through wordpress? I don’t really know), I can purchase a new domain name (Jules suggests lisawrites) or I can revert back to my original blogger url. So I’m asking myself whether a domain name purchase is justified given my rather inconsistent posting but then again wouldn’t I like the freedom of having my own domain that I can take from host to host if I so choose?

I think I’m getting a headache.

What in the world does this have to do with you? Well, not much, except for the fact that if you want to read these humble reflections of mine I want you to be able to find me! I’m still thinking through all my options and how best to fulfill my bloggy housekeeping duties but in the meantime if you want to make sure you do not miss any breaking news regarding any potential or actual domain name changes you have at least three options as well.

  • You can subscribe to this blog via email. There’s a handy dandy widget for that on the right hand side of this space. You just enter your email address and just like that all new posts will be sent to your inbox.
  • You can also follow this blog on Facebook. Again, you can click the widget there to the right and choose to “like” the Lisa writes… facebook page (but, please, only if you really do, actually like it that is).
  • You can subscribe via various readers: Google reader, Bloglines, and I don’t know what else. Not to be repetitive but once again there is a convenient subscription tab there on the right sidebar. I use Google reader and it’s so easy to add the url of any blog I want to subscribe to. Having all the posts of the blogs I like in one web page is pretty nice.

So. There you go. Now this concludes my public service announcement. We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging. Or, not, as the case may be. šŸ˜‰


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

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