Two weeks

Two weeks is a long time by blog reckoning. If you don’t believe me, you need only look at the number of unread posts accumulated in my Google reader over the course of my hiatus from all things bloggy. Eight hundred and ninety. I just checked.

I read a wide variety of blogs–when I read, that is. Decorating blogs, writing blogs, book blogs, theological blogs, fashion blogs, cooking blogs, blogs by pastors, blogs by ordinary wives and moms, blogs by friends, real and virtual.  It’s a great big bloggy world out there and I enjoy both its breadth and its diversity. I am at turns encouraged, entertained, challenged and offended as I click and read through my various subscriptions. Sometimes, not often, only some times, I find myself a little envious of those bloggers who know their niche and serve it well. My own blog in comparison seems an eclectic hodge podge without any clear objective other than the occasional dumping grounds for the confessions and conundrums that mark my very ordinary life. It seems I have yet to find my place in this world and, no, I’m not speaking only of my blog.

In reality, those occasional twinges of self doubt aside, I am not interested in niche blogging or marketing or branding or any of those sorts of techniques that seek to build and sustain readership. Other bloggers do so and I’m glad they do! I benefit along with the rest of their readers. For me, though, this blog in all its inconsistencies and randomness is a snapshot of my real life. This is me: my thoughts, my reflections, my status reports, and yes, my confessions and conundrums. In blogging as in real life I want to be more consistent, to feel on top of things rather than underneath them but, in blogging as in real life, I will take each day, each post, as they come, hoping I will be faithful to glorify God the Father in each opportunity.

And, speaking of real life, this post has taken far more of my time than I care to admit to you and now real life calls. Ironing, cleaning, laundry (always and forever), all are opportunities today for me to express my thankfulness to God for this, my ordinary life. And who knows? Perhaps there’s another blog post in there somewhere! πŸ™‚


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

6 thoughts on “Two weeks”

  1. Well, I'm glad to hear from you! I love your hodge-podge blog. Haven't found my niche yet, either…but I really don't care anymore.890 posts? I'd click "Mark All Read" and start over. You'll never miss what you missed. I just deleted some blogs from my reader today, grudgingly. But there's just not enough time, and I refuse to feel guilty over what I read and don't read anymore.

  2. "Sometimes, not often, only some times, I find myself a little envious of those bloggers who know their niche and serve it well."Me, too. But I decided, not too long ago, that I would buck all the blogging trends and the "tips" for how to be a good blogger and just be myself, do blogging the way that works for me. It's good to be different.

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