Status Report, October

Sitting…in car line. Really. Oh, the technological wonder that is the laptop! I don’t have a Wifi connection so I’m typing this on Word to transfer to blogger later.
Wondering…how much I’ll actually get written since I only have about fifteen minutes until the line starts to move.
Finished…reading Home last night. I can’t decide how to summarize what I think about it. I liked it; anyone who appreciates beautiful, honest prose would. It’s a not book with a lot of action so it is therefore difficult to evaluate based on plot. As I turned the last page I was glad I’d read it yet something felt a little empty, for lack of a better word. Am I making sense? Probably not. Car line affects my ability for clear expression. Regardless, it’s a beautifully written novel.
Reevaluating…my fall reading list after all the reader feedback I got yesterday. Note to self: scratch The Eyre Affair. 
Loving…this fall weather. But I think I’ve probably already mentioned it a time or two.
Listening…to the music I loved twenty years ago: the Judds, Garth, Vince, among others. I guess you could say I’m waxing nostalgic these days. Not only that but I broke out the hot rollers this week. Yep, the glory days. I have to wonder if I’m suffering the early signs of a midlife crisis? Do I really want to know?
Looking forward…to my parents’ visit this weekend. Lots of football and soccer!
Praying…that one (or more!) of the many tracts we passed out this morning at our booth at the Harvest Festival will be a divine appointment for the Lord God to save. I hope many read the truth and believe!
Moving…therefore closing the laptop. To be continued!
Realizing…it’s been, what, five days since I began this status report? How does that happen? I am now…
Sitting…at my dining room table.
Drinking…coffee, black.
Feeling…a little chilly since it’s forty two degrees out this morning. No complaints, though.
Heading…out to the pregnancy center this morning. Praying for opportunity and boldness to share the gospel!
Worrying…just a little over what to wear for our family portrait on Sunday. It’s been maybe six years since our last (professionally taken) family picture so I’m hoping for some good shots.
Finished…reading Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand last night and enjoyed it very much. It’s kind of like Mitford goes to England.
Thinking…this is the longest status report ever posted!
Grabbing…some breakfast before I get ready to get out the door. Happy October, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

10 thoughts on “Status Report, October”

  1. @ Melissa: Ha! Not often! Actually, I generally compose my posts in the mornings and then I definitely only drink coffee, black. If I were to report my afternoon status it would no doubt read "Tea, iced and sweet" 🙂

  2. Happy October right back at ya!Creative – typing in a car line. =DI pulled out my country music CDs this past week as well. Jonathan wondered what was up. I dunno. Just felt like something different!

  3. Love Black coffee, but my daughter has gotten me hooked on lattes now. I received an espresso machine for my birthday that I now treat myself to once a day, usually. I am sipping one now. Had to comment on HOME. I read, and listened on CD to this book with my son's recommendation. I remember wanting to know what happened next in their lives, yet all the while feeling a bit depressed over it. It was not uplifting, but tragic in many ways. And being a pastor's wife maybe just brought it too close. Tried to listen to Gilead, but just couldn't. I think life just blocks me from being able to appreciate it. And YES autumn is a wonderful season. Being a transplanted native Californian to the midwest, I LOVE AUTUMN. Frankly, I appreciate ALL the seasons, even WINTER. A touch of God's handiwork.

  4. I’m loving this fall weather, too. I assume our weather is the same. 🙂 I’ve already tweaked my fall reading list as well (in my head anyway). Praying you had opportunities this morning to share at the pregnancy center. I really admire you for that ministry. You ARE a brave soul and a faithful servant.

  5. Sometimes I love a little Judds, Garth, and Vince too. Good house-cleaning music, I think!Hope your family portrait-taking is a fun event for your family. Say cheese!

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