Monday Mish Mash

Yeah, so, evidently I fell off the blogging wagon this past week. Not so unusual but certainly unintentional. I’ve had various post ideas floating around in my head but lacked the energy to put them to keyboard. Writing a blog post, at least for this blogger, takes time, far too much of it, a direct result no doubt of that compulsive self editor within that will not die. So, rather than offer one of those obsessively edited, carefully composed posts, I will mark this Monday with another mish mash of those random sorts of thoughts occupying my mind lately…

It’s 59 degrees this morning! Finally! Yes, I am out on the porch and yes, I am thrilled with (what seems to be) fall’s long awaited arrival. I made pumpkin bread this weekend in the eager anticipation of the cooler temps. Porch + Coffee + Pumpkin Bread for breakfast + 59 degrees + Bible reading followed by a little blogging = Life is good. And I am making chicken noodle soup for supper! How good of the Lord to give us the autumn season, even if it seemed to tarry in coming!

Did you know that I’m blogging through Surprised by Grace with my friends Leslie and Melissa? Yep, we’ve formed a collaborative blog, Southern Baptist Girl, and we’d love for you to stop by and leave a comment as we discuss the gospel and grace and theology and other items of interest to southern Baptist girls like ourselves. Check it out and let us know what you think!

In addition to Surprised by Grace I am also reading Home by Marilynne Robinson. I’ve read her earlier novel, Gilead, a story simultaneous to the events of Home, and liked it very much. Like Gilead, Home is told rather slowly yet once I grew accustomed to the slow cadence of Robinson’s tale, the beauty of her prose is such that sometimes I nearly hold my breath reading it (is that weird?).

I doubt that many of you are terribly interested in our local sports scene but you have to indulge me just a moment to brag on my son’s football team. In Friday night’s game, we were behind 28-0 at the half only to come back to win in overtime, 34-28! What a game! It was some kind of exciting, one to remember that’s for sure!

Remember what I said about writing a blog post taking time? Well, this one is no different and I’ve already exceeded my self imposed limit. Monday, in all its autumnal glory as well as its responsilibilties and chores, beckons. May you enjoy a wonderful day, fall-ish or not, full of the beauty and blessings of the Lord God Himself!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “Monday Mish Mash”

  1. I understand exactly what you mean about Robinson's writing style! Yes!Ahh, it sounds like you are starting your Monday morning out wonderfully! Enjoy a beautiful, cooler week with your yummy pumpkin bread! (I'm nausea free this morning. WOo hoO!)

  2. I like your mish-mashes…it feels like catching up with you over some coffee. (If only we could!) It's been cool and fall-like here, which is nice. But the past two days have been nothing but rain, which is not quite so enjoyable. Makes me just want to hibernate w/ a book and some coffee.Oh — awesome football comeback!

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