A day over 42

Yesterday was my birthday. Yes, the big 4 – 2, which as I mentioned to you in an earlier post sounds a lot older than it feels. If only it sounds a lot older than it looks as well! Thanks to the wonder that is Facebook, I was inundated with well wishes from family and friends both–old friends, new friends, virtual friends, real life friends. What fun! This is truly one of the greatest benefits of Facebook–for one day out of the year to receive such an outpouring of birthday love! Thank you, friends!

It was a good birthday though not so much like a birthday. Half my guys (husband and two children) were out of town for a soccer tournament; me and my other two sons, the oldest and youngest, had breakfast out, went to my youngest son’s pee wee football game and spent the rest of the day as coach potatoes, meaning we pretty much parked ourselves on the sofa and remained there til bedtime. I watched some football, I read some, I may have dozed some, I talked on the phone some. A good day–albeit a lazy one–even though I missed my whole family being together.

Birthdays are not what they used to be, to be sure, but I am glad to be able to mark another year of life, another year of the Lord’s faithfulness, another year of His gracious blessings. I am glad to be 42 and despite my jokes otherwise I much prefer being here, in the today of my life, over going back to any of the yesterdays. Life at 42 is good, immeasurably so, only because of the immeasurable grace and goodness of my sovereign God. Thus far the Lord has brought me! He is good!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

11 thoughts on “A day over 42”

  1. =D Well relaxing is FUN! That's how we concluded the second half of our joint birthday over here. Amen to God's goodness and His blessing of life! Hope you have a fabulous year!

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