A twenty minute post

As I am wont to do, I am copying Leslie who recently posted a 15 minute post in which she forced herself to blog though she only had a fifteen minute window in which to do so. All good ideas are worth copying and as an added bonus (or, not), I have a full twenty five minutes to jot down a few random thoughts.

My husband returned from his mission trip to Nicaragua! I’m not gonna lie, it was a hard and exhausting week without him. It was our first full week back to school, I made the impulsive decision to paint the kitchen, all that plus the usual practices and such in addition to the unusually busy calendar–it was crazy. Prior to him leaving, I made sure I had a stack of books from the library to keep me distracted, you know, from being all lonely without him. Didn’t read a single page. And anyway, nothing distracted me from being all lonely without him.

The kitchen looks good even though I didn’t get all the trim painted. Yet. Maybe next week. I still haven’t put all the knick-knacky things back. I hate trying to decide where to put knick-knacky things! I’ve convinced myself the previous arrangement needs to be changed but how, I don’t know. As you may remember, decorating does not come easily to me, not in the least.

While I was painting, I listened to a fairly prominent Christian radio station that broadcasts on the internet. One day the DJ’s were inviting listeners to call in and share their answer to the question “Why Jesus?” Is He your best friend? Your source of hope? Of peace? They want to know why follow Jesus. Though I’m sure they meant well, I couldn’t help wondering if it wasn’t a subtle self-help sort of appeal: Come to Jesus; He works! Maybe I am (yet again) thinking too much…

Y’all know how eager I was (am) for the return to school. I feel as if we’ve gotten a baptism by fire! In other words, the rat race didn’t begin with a slow crawl; it exploded out the start gate! It takes time to adjust and after being gone every night this past week and all day Saturday and all day Sunday I found myself wishing for the slow speed we enjoyed this summer.

I am trying to create a Facebook page for my blog. Actually, I think the page is created but I’m not sure how to link to it. I know, it shouldn’t be so difficult but it is. For me at any rate.

Oh, and for those of you who would like to subscribe to get email updates from this blog, I’ve signed up with feedburner to do that very thing. There’s a subscription form on the right. Thanks to those of you who emailed and commented with that recommendation.

I know I’ve told you before that my husband’s love language is technology. Here’s proof: one night a couple of weeks ago we were eating out and I made the passing comment that I sure would like to have my calendar on my phone and be able to sync with the calendar on my laptop. Half an hour later my husband was signing me up for a new phone. Yes, that quick! He loves me and he loves to keep me technologically up to date despite myself and I love that he loves that. 😉

Well, twenty minutes have passed and while I have time remaining I also have laundry and dishes and groceries and other various and sundry sorts of Monday things to do. Happy Monday, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

8 thoughts on “A twenty minute post”

  1. Did even one of the callers say they followed Jesus because He redeemed them with His blood? Because He died for their sins? Just curious – though my guess would be probably not!

  2. I understand your frustration with the radio station. It seems like there's so much out there that makes Christianity all about me–rather than all about Christ. We live in such a consumer culture–and often it feels like Jesus is just another product being sold. Sometimes I hear the sales-pitch and I think. "Yeah, you're right, Jesus will change your life. He'll give you peace. He'll give you joy. But I think you forgot to include the disclaimer: He'll also cost you your life, your pride, your selfishness."Are we surprised that people leave Christianity disillusioned when we've been promising them a fairy tale of self-fulfillment instead of the reality of following a crucified Lord?

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