It was brought to my attention one day last week that there were Google ads at the bottom of my posts. This was news to me and sure enough a little investigation on my part resulted in the discovery that yes, wordpress will place ads at the end of posts, visible only when logged out of wordpress. News to me, as I already said.

Now, placing ads on blogs are not that big of a deal. Several bloggers do so and that’s totally cool. A little mad money can be a good thing and if you have the traffic to generate a little income, why not? The difference here is twofold: I am not choosing what ads are placed on my site nor do I receive any income generated from such ads. This is troubling to me as a blogger because, well, though Google attempts to place the kinds of ads that coincide with my content, sometimes the result is an ad I would never personally endorse. Actually I would have remained gleefully ignorant had a fellow blogger not noticed an ad for a conference she knew I would never attend nor recommend and so by asking me about it alerted me to the ads’ existence.

What’s a blogger to do? Well, after further investigation I learned that I can just say no to the ads’ presence…if I pay wordpress $30. Hmmmm. Or, as my savvy blogger buddy Jules told me, I can have my blog hosted (I’m typing that like I know what that means). At this point, I don’t know what I will do. In the meantime, I will alert you the reader: Please realize any ads here on this site are from an external source and do not reflect any sort of endorsement or recommendation on my part. And I don’t get any money from them either. If you must click, click judiciously.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

6 thoughts on “Disclaimer”

  1. I recently moved A Complete Thought from WordPress.com back to Blogger and she is completely ad free. I’d be glad to do the same for you and it won’t cost you a penny. Blogger is much improved and you can have the same look you have now.

    While I love WordPress (mine is hosted) I’m disappointed in WP.com’s decision to insert ads.

    Let me know 🙂

  2. Wow. I didn’t know they could do that. Very sneaky to do it without even notifying you. I won’t like it if they do that to me, but I don’t have as much traffic as you do so they’d gain so little by placing an ad on my blog.

      1. Ha. I told my son about the ads and he’s seen them on my blog. I don’t like it, so I’m going to have to do something. It’ll mean a name change, because Whatever is Good dot com is already taken as well as on blogger.

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