Status Report, August

Sitting…at my dining room table. I was out on the porch earlier but it’s HOT. Too hot. August. Ugh.

Drinking…coffee, black.

Weary…of the heat. It’s too hot!

Anticipating…the start of school next Wednesday. I know, I know, my homeschooling friends may think less of me but I cannot WAIT to send my kids to school Wednesday. I stink at maintaining structure and routine, which is fine for the duration of a normal summer break. However, you may remember we haven’t had any degree of routine since the tornado–in April–making for a L O N G summer. We need the structure; we need school! Me and the kids both!

Marking…off my list of summer projects. There are few items I have yet to tackle, like painting the trim downstairs, but for the most part, it was a fairly productive summer. Of course, I think it’s Murphy’s law of homekeeping that the more you do around the house, the more you see that you need to do!

Discovering…the wealth of options for purchasing upholstery online. Who knew? I spent far too long on this site (among others) looking at upholstery options for a chair (or two) I’d like to have recovered. Y’all know I’m a decorating novice so I don’t really know exactly what I’m looking for, plus I’m cheap, making it fun to browse from the comfort of my laptop.

Wanting…a bread machine. I stumbled on this site and now I’m totally inspired. Anyone have one that they love? If you have any recommendations, send them on!

Completed reading…the Harry Potter books. Yes, all 7. Sigh. Good stuff.

Excited…about our church purchasing some property with the vision to one day build a facility of our own! The Lord is so good and this is yet one more evidence of His faithfulness to us! To God be the glory, great things He is doing!

Working…through Wendy Alsup’s study on Ephesians, By His Wounds You Are Healed. Good stuff!

Reading…A Praying Life. Also good stuff!

Realizing…once more how the gospel is meant to pervade every part of my life and how my weaknesses–my inadequacies in praying “properly,” for instance–serve to show my need and God’s grace. It’s all grace. From beginning to end.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

9 thoughts on “Status Report, August”

  1. I’m doing Wendy’s study too. And A Praying Life is my favorite book on prayer. It changed the way I pray. I feel now that it’s not my will vs. God’s will in my prayers, but that we’re on the “same team.”

  2. My mom swears by her Zojirushi bread machine (well, she did before she found out she can’t eat bread, that is), but I was always happy with my cheap Oster. I will say, though, that I seldom made the full loaf in the Oster. I preferred to make just the dough and then bake it in a bread pan.

    On an unrelated note, I still can’t motivate myself to read Harry Potter. One of these days. But not for a while, I suspect.

  3. This homeschooling mom does NOT think less of you for anticipating sending your kids to school. Ha. Instead, I envy you (something I have to get over). I like structure and routine, too. But I’m afraid this upcoming school year is going to be hectic even with homeschooling; God will REALLY have a big workload on his hands with me.

    Glad you had a productive summer. I can’t say I marked off hardly anything from my to-do list. Sigh. I suppose that’s okay.

    I always enjoy reading your status reports.

  4. Love my bread machine! West Bend is the brand, my husband bought it for me one year for Christmas. We love soup and bread nights w/easy, easy, easy homemade bread.

    Totally enjoyed Harry Potter series, also!

  5. I’ve certainly noticed Murphy’s Law of homekeeping around our place! In fact, sometimes I think that getting started on my projects means I end up with more items on the list than I started with. Oh, well.

  6. I have a Zojirushi bread maker and as bread makers go it does a good job. I’ve done the whole cycle through baking, but I prefer to take the bread out after it’s finished the first rising. I put it in a bread pan, let it rise the second time, then bake in the oven. I’m a bread baker of many years, doing it the old fashioned way, which I still prefer. But I have to admit that dumping ingredients into the machine can be pretty handy at times!

    A good online resource for bread is the King Arthur Flour website. Lots of reliable recipes and bread- making instructions. There’s nothing more delicious than a loaf of homemade bread, so I encourage you to get some good flour and have a go at it! Your guys will be very happy that you do!

  7. When I finished the Harry Potter series last summer, I immediately turned around and read the whole series again. I felt like I needed to read it slower and absorb more. It really was some of the most fun I’ve had reading in about 10 years.

  8. I never got here yesterday, but I always love your Status Reports so I had to catch up. And all day yesterday I kept smiling over the memory of my birthday lunch with you and Lisa and Kelli last year!

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