Some recent posts that have either challenged me or encouraged me or both…

If Bella Were My Daughter (Take 2) by Mary Kassian
What would I do if my daughter became infatuated with a boy who was very nice, and obviously cared for her, but who had a dark side, and was, in fact, a “lost soul”? What clues would tip me off that their relationship wasn’t healthy? What would I tell her? What signs should I warn her of, so that she might be cautious when she sees them ? So many young women blindly follow their emotions. They don’t know how to be wise and cautious. They don’t know the tell-tale “signals” to look for that indicate that a relationship isn’t healthy.

Women’s Ministry as a Means of Grace by Wendy Alsup
We must be humble women who are honest about our sin. Instead, so often we are a mix of shame and pride. We’re ashamed of ourselves because of what others have done to us and what we, in turn, have done to others. And we’re too proud to admit it to anyone. We must become women who value CONFESSION. I don’t know where the saying originated that “confession is good for the soul,” but I believe it’s a concept that is taught first in Scripture.

Before I Die and After, Too by Rebecca Writes
…we could have done any one of those things after his diagnosis if he’d wanted, because for some of the time, he was well enough to travel. But for him, the terminal diagnosis took things off his before-I-die list, and the items added were not spectacular, one-time activities, but new ordinary tasks.

Is it okay for moms to have jobs outside the home? from the Desiring God blog
Those are the kind of dreams I want to offer the younger women that are coming along so that they don’t think, “If I don’t get a career and make lots of money and be equal with men in pay and time and everything, I’ve somehow sold out to something small or something that doesn’t require intellectual capabilities.”

Grace in the flesh of a little boy, one of Amy’s Humble Musings
Raising kids is a tough job. Just when you figure stuff out, puberty hits. God has promised to give us grace if we will ask for it. The central part of being a Christian, of living like one, is having faith and then asking God for more faith to believe him, to trust his promises, to raise our children to love Him too.

When I did that, God gave me Charles.

For the Young Mother: Ministry, Guilt and Seasons of Life from 9 Marks Blog (HT: Justin Taylor)
This season in your life is just that—a season. And each season is a divine calling from our Creator and King. Organizing a new church event is important. Teaching your little boy to be kind to his sister is also important. But which one can best be done by you during this season? Serve God well by ministering to your children first. Very soon they will be grown and gone and all those uniquely teachable moments will be gone. And you will have ample opportunity to serve Christ outside your home in the seasons ahead.


Author: Lisa Spence

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