Status Report, June

Sitting…out on the porch, my usual destination first thing in the morning. Besides, my dining room table is currently unavailable with the giant dehumidifier from ServPro set up in there. Yes, we had a leak from our refrigerator and despite all of ServPro’s efforts, it’s not looking good for the hardwood floors. Our insurance agent may see things differently of course.

Drinking…coffee, black.

Wondering…how it is June already?

Surveying…my to do list for the day: phone calls, errands, grocery shopping, and Bible study preparation, among other things. I think I have more to do than I can actually do, which is par for the course.

Enjoying…my hydrangea bushes. After no blooms at all last year, this year they are covered! Beautiful! I love hydrangeas; I think they may be my favorite flowers.

Reading…Ava’s Man by Rick Bragg. Bragg is an amazing writer and this, the story of his grandparents and their lives during the Depression is good, really good. Plus, most of the book’s events occur here in northeast Alabama not too far from where I live.

Also reading…What Is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert, a back-to-the-basics examination and definition of the good news. Gilbert asks: “How firm a grasp do you think most Christians have on the content of the Christian gospel? How would you answer if someone asked you: What is this news that you Christians go on and on about? And what’s so good about it?” He provides a sampling of various descriptions of the gospel from different evangelical books and websites, some of which are mutually exclusive, and then devotes the remainder of the book to a clear answer to the question, what is the gospel?

Painting…the trim in the upstairs hallway. Tedious work. I actually began downstairs because I need to ultimately paint the trim house-wide but then came the aforementioned leak and the possibility of replacing the flooring so I moved my efforts upstairs.

Anticipating…the summer book club with the ladies at my church. It’s something different for us but I think it will be fun to read and discuss different kinds of books.

Thinking…about this post and how so much of what Kevin DeYoung writes is an echo–a more refined echo–of my own thoughts. If you’ve visited here for any length of time, you know of my struggle to learn to be ordinary. Of course, DeYoung writes with a great deal more wisdom and insight than I. I am glad he wrote the article. It encourages me. Good stuff. (HT: Challies)

Breaking…from blogging, as you’ve surely noticed. Also from Facebook and Twitter, though none of the breaks were planned. I just needed–and continue to need–to get away for awhile. How long it will be, I have no idea. As I pretty much stumbled into my break from social media, I’ve no doubt I will eventually stumble back into the fray. Until then…

Happy June, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

14 thoughts on “Status Report, June”

  1. I am really looking forward to having a porch to which I can retreat in the mornings….soon! I always thought "Stepping Heavenward" by Elizabeth Prentiss would be a good book for a reading group. If you're interested in a suggestion. I have a feeling you've probably already got more than enough books to choose from for that, though. Enjoy your break(s). Really bummer about the hardwood floors. Ugh.

  2. I'm so sorry about your hardwood floors! Hope the insurance company doesn't give you a hard time about covering the damage.

  3. So glad you linked to DeYoung's article. It gave me encouragement as I plod along in obscurity.I finished reading Greg Gilberts book last week. It's always good to be reminded of the basics. It is a book that will come in very handy to give to seekers and new believers.May God use your break from FB, Twitter, and blogging to refresh you and free you to pursue what pleases Him and brings Him glory!

  4. I can't blame you for taking a break. I've been very lazy in blogging the last few months.I thought once school was out….I'd get jiggy with it and post regularly.Not!I hope you get your flooring situation settled! We had a terrible flood (from a busted sewer line) a few years back and it caused us to have to replace our whole downstairs! $$$ Yea, it was painful in more ways than one!

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