Monday Mish Mash

Yes, it’s the return of the ever-popular (?) Monday mish mash sort of posting, emphasis on the sort of. I am presumably on the computer to study cram for the devotion I am leading tonight but well, after catching up on email and the like, I felt like sharing with you, the reader (all three of you), the mish mash of my Monday, such as it is.

We had a great weekend visiting my husband’s family. We spent Mother’s Day, appropriately enough, with his mom. We went to church with her and I got to go to her Sunday school class and meet a few of her dear friends who also happen to be friends of this blog. So-a big shout out to my new friends; it was so nice to meet you all! I really enjoyed being a part of your class (picture and all) for a day!

I hate that I wasn’t able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. We will see her in a few weeks for her annual Memorial Day bash. I sent her a gift in the mail, something I really think she will like which is fun. I am so thankful for my mom and the wonderful mother she is and always has been.

I finished reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet last week. It is wonderful! All the good things I’d heard about it, all were true. Though the ending came as no surprise, the joy of the story is in the telling and it is really well told. I loved it.

I am making pimento cheese to take to our fellowship tonight. Yum.

As I said, I am leading the devotion tonight. Actually, I’m recycling a portion of the 1 John lesson I didn’t get to teach last week. Did you know our longing for Jesus’ return serves to sanctify us here on earth? I have to be honest, I don’t often think of heaven, much less long for it. How differently I would live if I were to focus on the eternal treasure that awaits: God Himself.

I have a terrible case of poison ivy. TERRIBLE. The funny thing is, I haven’t been anywhere near any three leaved vines but my husband has. We’re guessing my laundress job has (finally) proved to be the end of me.

Speaking of the laundry, I am usually fairly diligent in folding the clothes immediately upon removing them from the dryer. Not today. I think I have five loads (maybe more) in the basket, waiting to be folded.

I am freezing. Fifty one degrees out when I went to pick up my son from school. Yes, I did in fact put on a pot of coffee, how did you know?

And, on that note, I think I will pour another cup of coffee and go fold some clothes before I go hang out with my favorite church girls, eating pimento cheese and other yummy stuff, laughing, talking, and encouraging each other as we eagerly await the glorious appearing of our blessed hope, Christ Himself.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

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