The Week in Words, 3.15.10

From Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris:

Sound doctrine is so important. But we can never settle for merely knowing doctrine. God has given us his Holy Spirit, and he invites us to ask to be continually filled with his Spirit afresh so that doctrine becomes the living story of God’s great love for us. So that it melts our hearts. So that this truth sets us on fire with love for the Savior who loved us first. The glorious truth of God’s love for us in the giving of his Son isn’t something we can grasp through mere knowledge or bigger books. We need the power of God’s Holy Spirit to give us “strength to comprehend” how big and wide and deep God’s love for us is (Ephesians 3:18-19).


The point of a spotlight is not to stand in front of it and stare into its bright light (that would blind you). A spotlight is useful only when it’s pointed at others, enabling us to see them more clearly. And that’s what the Spirit does. That’s the most loving, powerful thing he can do in our lives–help us to see and treasure Jesus Christ.

You know the Spirit is working if you’re more amazed by Jesus, more desirous to serve and obey him, more ready to tell other people about him, more ready to serve the church he loves.

And, finally,

Life and doctrine can’t be separated. Our lives either put the beauty of God’s truth on display, or they obscure it.

The Week in Words is a weekly carnival hosted by Melissa at Breath Life. Participants post a quote or multiple quotes drawn from something (or multiple somethings) they’ve read the past week: books, the Bible, magazines, blogs, etc. You can read others’ Week in Words over at Melissa’s site.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

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