Status Report, March

Sitting…on the loveseat in the den.

Drinking…coffee, black. I’ve already put on the second pot.

Moving…S L O W L Y this morning.

Realizing…I never posted a status report for February. How could I have forgotten–and not even realized it until now?

Contemplating…spending the day on the sofa. I know I won’t but it’s nice to dream at least for a little while.

Feeling…tired/stressed/overwhelmed. It’s a busy week ahead. It’s been a busy couple of months.

Wondering…if I can maintain this pace. Typically, winter is a slow time for us, a welcome change of pace after the frantic holiday months. Not so this year.

Wanting…to write more about my trip to Nicaragua. Wanting to badly. I’ve got a post in draft but I can’t find the time to adequately put words to my experiences. For some reason writing about it (or the attempting to do so) requires more focus and energy than, say, status reporting, and the longer I wait the harder it is. But I want to, and soon.

Wavering…over how to spend my amazon gift card. I’ve had it like forever but can’t make a decision. Too many books I want; too many books I already have! My “To Be Read” stack looms large as it is!

Needing…to read 7 chapters of Leviticus to catch up on my Bible reading.

Thinking…this post (and my mood) is far too somber!

Listing…things that make me glad this morning:

  • Opportunities to teach God’s Word
  • Coffee
  • Good books
  • A godly husband who loves me completely and unreservedly
  • Hugs from my boys, still
  • Cake for breakfast
  • Ps. 47
  • Sweet words of encouragement from friends
  • And did I mention coffee?

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

9 thoughts on “Status Report, March”

  1. I always love your status reports.

    Leviticus & Numbers are the typical “hard books to read”, but I’d much rather read them than Ezekiel. That’s where I am in my Bible in 90 Days, and it is just weird. But at least it will be over quickly – in other “schedules” where you read it a chapter or two a day, it seems to go on forever.

    Would love to sharea cup of coffee with you. Well, I’d want my own cup, but you know what I mean! LOL

  2. Loved reading your status report!

    And I had cake for breakfast, too!

    Look forward to reading more about your trip… maybe during one of your two-hour bubble baths, while eating chocolate and drinking coffee, you’ll be completely inspired and write, write, write. πŸ™‚

  3. I just might have to copy you and start doing these monthly status reports myself, Lisa.

    I’m with you on the hectic pace of winter this year…not that I’ve had anything as momentous as your trip to Nicaragua…which I am looking forward to hearing more about.

    Oh, and I love your list of things that make you glad. I love that you include things big and small in it. God’s good gifts come in all sizes, don’t they!

  4. Ah I’m sitting in my window seat sipping coffee πŸ™‚ What fun! I’m actually avoiding the inevitable diaper change that should be happening any time now. 😦

    Yay for your wordpress blog. I love wordpress!

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