Status Report, January my dining room table. Considering a move to the sofa in front of the electric heater but thinking Sponge Bob will be a distraction.

Drinking…coffee, black. Guzzling is more like it.

Thinking…today will be a two pot kind of day and then some.

Loving…the cold weather but 19 is some kind of cold, especially for my neck of the woods.

Anticipating…a rude awakening in the morning for all of us. Literally. Over the course of the Christmas break we’ve been sleeping later and later. 6:30 will come awfully early for my guys! Even I’ve been sleeping in until 7:30 or 8, late for me, so I’ll be straggling along with them.

Dreading…the return to the races tomorrow. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of my favorites of the year because we do next to nothing. I like it that way, at least for awhile.

Starting…the Nancy Drew challenge with the first book under my belt. I was amused by Nancy’s extraordinary abilities (she changes a tire, she bandages an ankle) as well as her chic beauty and blue convertible. No wonder I liked her so much as a girl!

Reading…through the Bible again this year. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but last year was the first year I ever completed a one year Bible reading plan. I’m excited about doing it all over again! I like this plan because it’s divided into 25 days of reading per month. I know, I know, it’s still the same 66 books of the Bible but it really helps mentally to know that there are five “catch up” days each month. Want to print your own bookmarks for this plan? Look under my “Links” tab above for the bookmark links.

Liking…my new site though it took me awhile to get it set up and I’m still a little iffy on some of the features. Anyone know how I can change the font size on the block quote?

Ordering…our Bible study books this week: Holiness: The Heart God Purifies (Revive Our Hearts) by Nancy Leigh Demoss. I can’t wait!

Nervous…about my trip to Nicaragua in just a few weeks. I’m beginning to get more than a little anxious about leaving my family for so long–it’ll be longest I’ve EVER been away from any of them! It’s a weird set of emotions because y’all know how much I’ve wanted to go on mission; for years it’s been a heart’s desire of mine. Yet here I am and I’m tempted to turn tail and run! I won’t; I’m just keepin’ it real. Will you pray with me for the Lord’s provision not just logistically but emotionally and mentally as well? He will indeed show Himself strong on our behalf and it will be my joy and privilege to proclaim the hope of Christ to the women of Nicaragua…

Planning…a sixteenth birthday party for my oldest son later this month. Is that crazy or what? Sixteen? Really? It’s official: I’m old. Old or not, I’m looking forward to having a fellow taxi driver. I know, I know, I’ll be nervous and I’ll worry but I’ll also be glad to be getting in and out of the Suburban a little less often!

Pouring…yet another cup of coffee. Happy Monday, everyone!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

9 thoughts on “Status Report, January”

  1. Good morning and happy new year! šŸ™‚ I’m going to embark on the whole “read the bible in a year” thing this year. I’ve never stuck with it. *blushes* I think this is the year though.

    16, wow! That is frightening and I’m only 6 years away!

  2. Welcome WordPress! Ahh it was nice to have someone else who could drive…
    I’ll continue praying for your Nicaragua trip. …
    We have 2 young men with birthdays this once 29 and 31…I’m ancient :0)

  3. 2009 was my first year to complete the whole Bible in a year too. This year I’m doing a chronological plan. Fun! I can’t believe your firstborn is turning 16?!

  4. I enjoy reading your status reports too, Lisa! I’ve done the Read-Through-the-Bible-in-One-Year several times and it seems to get better every year. This year, my husband and I are doing an in-depth study of the epistles, beginning with Ephesians. I’m enjoying this a lot too.

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