On giving the perfect gift

I’m a terrible gift giver. Really, I am. I like to give, so it’s not a lack of want-to. It just doesn’t come easily. I am always amazed (and a little envious of) those who can consistently give the perfect gift with ease and joy. My sister is one such giver. She loves to give gifts for any occasion and even for non-occasions. Plus, she has excellent taste so it’s a total win for those of us on the receiving end.

My husband and I share this gift giving impairment which means we are rarely surprised but then again we are rarely disappointed because, well, we know the effort required. Of course, we aren’t particularly extravagant in our gifts to each other; more years than not we haven’t even exchanged gifts. Guess it’s just not our love language or something.
And, unless you think I’m being critical or bitter or something, let me say clearly: I’m not. Not at all. Some of you gift givers may be shocked but this is how we are. I like it. I love him; he loves me and we are happy to not feel like we have to express it with our credit card.
Except every once in awhile he or I will get an inspiration and, despite ourselves, end up experiencing the rare delight of surprising the unsuspecting other. Such was my joy this Christmas. I commissioned my friend Kim to use her considerable talents to create this beautiful artwork:
Y’all, she is some kind of talented. That image does not do justice to the beauty of her work. I haven’t gotten it matted and framed yet; when I do my husband plans to hang it in his office. Unfortunately I’m learning the best gifts are ones you’d like to keep for yourself…
Anyway, Kim hasn’t asked me for any kind of shout out or shameless plug. This is just me telling you to go, check out her gallery, and see how talented she is. From bookmarks to wedding invitations to beautiful pieces like my husband’s, I think you’ll be impressed! I’m already pondering another project; maybe this verse for my boys (Ps. 133:1–look it up, see if you don’t think it’d be appropriate for my household).

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

7 thoughts on “On giving the perfect gift”

  1. Wow! Thanks, Lisa! I was reading along and honestly, I hadn't figured out what was coming! What a wonderful surprise! I'm so glad that it made you happy. That makes ME happy!!

  2. Wow! That is beautiful! I have the same problem…But, I am off to check out her link…I know my husband would love something like this (and, I'd probably want to keep it myself…). I have 6 months to start birthday shopping! 😉

  3. Cheers to Kim! For the past 3 years I've commissioned Kim to do Bible verse bookmarklets for the ladies who do Bible study with me. They are a treasure the ladies look forward to now. I love her work. And I think your vs choice for the boys is primo. Perhaps I'll consider my own such doings.Glad that your hubs was o pleased.

  4. What a fantastic idea! I have a few very hard-to-buy for people in my life, and this type of thing will be perfect to keep in mind.I admit, I'm a gift-giver, and love to buy gifts for people, but I still often struggle with finding just the right thing. I think I put too much pressure on myself to make it absolutely perfect.

  5. I love Kim's work, too! She made a Tolkien quote for me (Bilbo's Bath Song) and it's matted and framed and in our bathroom (imagine that!). It's perfect! She also made some very special bookmarks for me.

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