Status Report, December

Sitting…on the loveseat in front of the Christmas tree.

Drinking…coffee, black.
Liking…the colder, gray-er weather. I love fall, y’all know that, but I like winter too. Of course, it isn’t technically winter yet and some of my Canadian friends may protest we here in the deep South have no concept of winter at all; but still…I like the cold. I suppose it suits my gray melancholy tendencies.
Nearly finished…putting out all the Christmas stuff. I hesitate to call it decor because, really, it’s just a hodge podge of things we’ve collected over the years. No rhyme, no reason and certainly no theme. I put up two trees this year–yes, I did–something I once did in years past before I succumbed to the Grinch-side. We have so many ornaments and I thought, hey, it wouldn’t be that much extra trouble. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Let’s just say multiple trips to Lowe’s were involved as well as a serious testing of one’s Christmas spirit, whatever that is.
Excited…about the rain boots my sister gave me. I lamented my lack of such boots throughout the wet and rainy football and soccer season. Now that I finally have some, our outdoor sporting events have given way to basketball, which is, as you know, indoors. However, it’s wet and rainy today and I’m contemplating wearing them to take my son to the orthodontist but I’m unsure about rain boot protocol. Are they just for outside wear like football and soccer games? Is it a fashion faux pas to wear them to the orthodontist or the grocery store? Any fashionistas out there–please weigh in on this very important topic!
Shopping…nearly completed and nearly all online! Love Cyber Monday!
Reevaluating…my assertion to my husband that I thought I was quitting blogging. I actually thought I was and, yet, here I am. I’m not sure exactly why but this post of Kim’s somehow spurred me on. Not sure how long it’ll last but evidently I’m not done yet.
Re-reading…Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus: Experiencing the Peace and Promise of Christmas in celebration of this Advent season. Good stuff.
Missing…three Christmas parties this week because of mommy duties. Bummer.
Avoiding…serious contemplation of my December calendar. Suffice it to say it’s C R A Z Y. One day at a time, that’s all we can do.
Fighting…for joy during this season. I am a little ashamed at the elusive nature of my joy during this time of celebration of Jesus’ birth. I want to blame it on basketball or commercialism or materialism or any of the other pressures, expectations and obligations that characterize December as we know it–but the truth is, I may not feel joy but I can choose it. And I want to. I want to choose to remember and rejoice in wonder and worship. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us and by God’s grace we see His glory, the glory of the One and Only. Amen and amen.

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

10 thoughts on “Status Report, December”

  1. So glad you're still blogging!As you know, I'm a fall/winter person, too. I wish I was surrounded by snow right now. If I could just live in a place where it was October – February all year long, I'd be so happy.Lastly…two trees?! Wow…I admire your initiative! I did that once, but once was definitely enough. CJ has a small tree in her room that she takes care of, but that's about all I can handle.

  2. I have the most HUGE grin on my face that you could POSSIBLY imagine! =D I am tickled pink (and I never use that phrase). ;DSo….last year I found a 7 ft. artificial tree at Goodwill after Christmas for a mere $6. We have three trees. ;D (SICK I know it. But now no matter where we are in the house, there's a tree to look at.) But. Yes. The time factor was a big issue. Two is a better number, me thinks.

  3. I can't even get our one tree all the way decorated, much less two!I will be oh-so-sad if you stop blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have no idea what rain boot etiquette is. But I would say, if they make you happy and keep you dry…what the heck? 😀 Two trees!! How positively ungrinchlike! I'm a bit less grinchy this year too, which I believe may also be the result of having almost all my shopping done…online. Awesome. ❤ you friend.

  5. I would be sad if you were not blogging anymore, but I also understand the urge to stop. I'm there, too. But very glad you're still here. I love your thoughts on choosing joy. It was 13 degrees this morning here. Very cold. It's hard to enjoy Advent when you're so busy you can hardly see straight, but I love that you focus on choosing that joy.

  6. "succumbed to the Grinch side" cracked me right up. I love Christmas but sometimes the crazyness of it hits me too. Wow, you took on two trees. That is major. I have enough trouble making it through the decorating of one. We have a lot of ornaments too but most are the kids that they get each year so once they move out my tree will be looking pretty scarce. Glad you're still blogging.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement to choose joy. This time of year, I can get so busy and frazzled and stressed (and then the melancholy kids in) that I'm pretty far from joy, more often than I'd like. But you're right — we can choose it!Two trees? Impressive. We're lucky we got one up. My nativity set is still in the basement…sigh…maybe tomorrow I'll put it out. Having trouble keeping up with everything this year.

  8. Missed you – I've been a little inactive in the blogosphere myself. So much to do (like 2 trees myself) and so little time.I have seen ladies in Hotlanta wear boots everywhere at any time – at even the slightest hint of rain. So, I say go for it…I've even been thinking of a pair myself. (Maybe it was that downpour in Anniston last year and knowing the season is fast approaching.)I wish your household a very merry Christmas.

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