In everything giving thanks-19 through 23!

You may wonder, as I do, how one goes five days without posting a single item for which she is grateful. I have no excuse, really, other than the crazy kind of busyness that is life as we know it. Isn’t it interesting how busyness tends to displace gratitude, even deliberate expressions of gratitude such as this. One of life’s lessons there, to be sure.

So, because I fully intend to finish what I started, I am thankful for the following:
19-Speaking of the crazy kind of busyness that is life as we know it, I am thankful for Entourage, my computer calendar. I was hesitant to go (semi) paperless but now I love it. I especially love the reminders that pop up in the corner of my screen, like the one that just came up reminding me of my two sons’ basketball practices tomorrow.
20-And being thankful for Entourage reminds me I am thankful for my Mac laptop. My husband, he spoils me. Rotten.
21-I am also thankful for my two mentoree friends, the two young pastors’ wives that I meet with on Friday mornings. I so enjoy our time together (even though I am still a little unsure of myself in a mentor role–can you say “insecure”?). I am so glad for our growing friendship and for how the Lord is blessing our mornings spent in good conversation, prayer and the Word!
22-I am grateful for my church, for the bold proclamation of the Word and for the centrality of the gospel in everything we do. As I’ve testified here before, there is nothing easy about starting a church from scratch but the Lord has shown Himself faithful to us in countless ways. I am grateful for the blessing and the privilege of serving the Lord here in this place with these my brothers and sisters, friends and fellow journeymen…
23-And today I am glad for the combined efforts of mother and sons and the clean playroom that resulted.
Surely I am the only delinquent participant in Rebecca’s month of Thanksgiving! Check out the other, more consistent testimonies at Rebecca’s blog.

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

3 thoughts on “In everything giving thanks-19 through 23!”

  1. All wonderful things to be thankful for!I have a Palm, but never use it anymore. I'm a paper & pencil girl when it comes to my calendar.

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