In everything giving thanks-18

Wednesdays are my days to volunteer at the pregnancy center. I love it; even on days like today when we didn’t have a single client come in while I was there, I still love it. I am grateful that God has called me to this work for many reasons; one being that I am glad for the opportunity and privilege to serve our clients, women who are often in very difficult circumstances. In providing diapers or clothes we are offering them a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name and I am glad to help meet their needs in this small way.

I am thankful that as I counsel I am learning to put my theology into words, to share the good news of Christ, to proclaim the hope that only He gives, something I am ashamed to admit I hadn’t done very often before.

I am thankful too for the community that exists among the counselors. I love that we all love Jesus and we are committed to sharing that love with each woman who comes in our door. I love our common passion and common mission. I love that when I see a fellow counselor pause before she enters the counseling room I know she’s praying and I pray too. I love that they are my friends, the kind of friends that pause and ask me how I’m doing, really, and promise to pray.
Volunteering at the pregnancy center is something I love so much that I wonder why I never did it sooner. As I give thanks this November, I am thankful for the ministry we have at the center and for my friends and partners in the gospel there.

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

6 thoughts on “In everything giving thanks-18”

  1. This is a ministry that I have not worked in but continue to hear from other women the same praises to God. I'm thankful as an adoptive mom for the work you are choosing to do for those moms and babies.

  2. Your love for the ministry shows in how you write. May God continue to use you and the other women to make himself known to the women who come to the center.

  3. What wonderful work you do, Lisa. I was on the board of our center for several years, and I loved it too. So rewarding, isn't it? Thanks for all you do for the kingdom there.

  4. I love that you are doing this. I can see myself doing something like this someday when my time is a little more my own. For now, I'm grateful that you and others like you are stepping up and taking care of it.Thank you!

  5. Years ago I volunteered for a pregnancy center, it was a wonderful experience. I always refused to participate in any anti-abortion demonstrations or groups. I felt I could use the same time and energy in a positive, helpful way to try to solve the problem. I think you're making a difference and it's wonderful that you are so passionate about it. To me, that means your work is a form of praise.

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