In everything giving thanks-16 and 17

Yesterday was such a hectic, somewhat stressful kind of day that, to be honest, I was most grateful for an evening on the sofa watching House Hunters. I’d gotten up early that morning–way, way, way too early–4 am kind of early–because I was worrying over the busyness of the day and week ahead. By the time night fell, I was ready for a quiet evening at home even though my son was playing basketball out of town and I felt like a loser mom for missing his game.

Today I am glad all four children bought their lunch (no packing lunch boxes–yes and amen!). I hate packing lunches and reprieves like this are few and far between and are therefore to be relished.
Today I am also thankful for the nice woman at the middle school where my son played last night, she who tracked down a rogue backpack mysteriously left in the locker room after the ball games not to be missed until the next morning (this morning). If truth be told, I wasn’t so thankful to be making the trip (50 minutes one way) to retrieve said backpack but I am glad for the Books a Million a block away from the middle school and the Grande Caramel Macchiato I purchased there (just reward, in my opinion).
Sometimes it is not so easy to choose to be grateful! Thus I am thankful too for this exercise in thankfulness. Knowing that I pledged to post an item of thanksgiving for every day of the month has become a source of accountability for me. Now, when I am vexed about something (say, a missing backpack, just as a for instance), I know that ultimately I must be thankful not just for blog fodder but because as a believer, I am to give thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ (Eph. 5:20)! Always and for everything? Yes, indeed, for the Lord is good and His steadfast love endures forever...

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

3 thoughts on “In everything giving thanks-16 and 17”

  1. I'm glad you got the evening on the sofa and the reprieve on packing lunches, Lisa. Sound like some very hectic times for you lately.

  2. I didn't do this, this year because well, my blog is defunct. But I should have. My attitude this November has been awful. I too, found the exercise of gratitude to be hard but worthwhile. I should have done it. I'm glad you did. :)I hope your son is thankful for you and your drive to rescue his bookbag.

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