On grief, in everything giving thanks-12

I went to a funeral yesterday. My husband was out of town so I went alone, burdened with grief for this family, these friends of ours who lost wife, mother, and grandmother. I was saddened, too, by my own small load of hurts and disappointments, nothing that can compare to the terrible loss of their loved one too young and too soon, but sadnesses just the same.

Tears filled my eyes, spilling over as I greeted the family, remembering the friend and neighbor my family has lost. She loved my boys; they loved her. We all loved her. She kept sodas in the fridge in the garage for them to help themselves; that is, until their worrywart of a mom expressed concern that the soda consumption was ruining their supper. A stick in the mud, that’s me. She bought me a pair of flip flops, wild and fluffy in a bold hot pink. Not exactly my style, but I wore them anyway. She baked a cake once and sent it over because she knew I was having the new preacher over for Sunday lunch and hospitality is not my strong suit. She suffered from a multitude of health problems for many years yet the last time I saw her, just a few weeks ago, she spoke with the same energy and vitality she always had. Frail of body, yes, but not of spirit.
She loved us. We loved her.
I remembered these things yesterday and I wept. I saw the crushing grief of the husband who loved her for 38 years and who loves her still and I wept. It was so sad. I am sad still.
But I received two things yesterday. One, a realization that my small sadnesses could be much, much heavier. It could be me standing before friends and family mourning the loss of husband or parent. Oh, to be granted perspective to see the things that truly matter, it is both a gift and a conviction.
I also realized afresh the reality of death and I hate it, death, our last and ultimate enemy. We will all die. It is a sure thing. We hate it, we fight it, we mourn it–all because we know, deep inside, that we were made to live forever. Our Creator set eternity in our hearts. The only hope, the only victory we have is in Christ, He who defeated death once and for all by His resurrection. He lives and He grants life eternal to those who repent and believe in Him. Thanks be to God, He has given us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!
Today I am grateful that because of the Lord’s mercy we do “not grieve as others who have no hope.” (1 Thess. 4:13) Instead, we can have the “full assurance of hope until the end” (Heb. 6:11) because of Christ in us, the hope of glory! (Col. 1:27)

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

7 thoughts on “On grief, in everything giving thanks-12”

  1. I am so sorry, Lisa, for the loss of your friend and neighbor. But, like you, so very thankful that we have overcome that ultimate enemy, death, through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  2. "We were made to live forever." Amen. That does make us grieve with hope. I so appreciate your words. We went this afternoon to put flowers on the grave of my baby that died at birth. It's been 16 years as of tomorrow, but I still grieve. Yet with hope – one day I will see my daughter for all eternity.

  3. Very well said…AMEN that Christ has overcome death and we have the hope of heaven. I am sorry you have lost your friend and neighbor. Even the hope of heaven doesn't take away our sense of loss. I'll be thinking of you in the days to come.

  4. Oh Lisa, this post is so beautiful. I am sorry for your loss, and empathize with the emotions, the railing against death. And Amen to the hope in Chirst, the opportunity we have to rejoice in Him.

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