On Veterans Day

My great-grandfather in France, WWI

My grandparents, WWII

My grandfather, the WWII pilot

I come from a long line of heroes, of men who fought for country and liberty and of the wives and daughters who watched them go. A deep love for this country is part of my grandmother’s legacy to me. She knew better than anyone that freedom is never free, she whose father fought in WW I, her husband in WW II, her only son in Vietnam. My brother, her grandson, recently served in the US Navy. She, unlike many, received her men back to her, but I try to think how it must have been–to send your man, or your boy, off to war without benefit of email or the internet or Skype or Fox News. I esteem my grandmother and the fervent patriotism she modeled right up to her death.

On this, Veterans Day, it is fitting that we pay tribute to the those in our armed forces who serve sacrificially as well as their families and loved ones who also serve sacrificially, just of a different sort. To my dear friend in real life Alaina and her helicopter pilot-husband and the countless families they represent: I remember, and I honor and thank you.

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

7 thoughts on “On Veterans Day”

  1. Lisa, this was awesome. Was your Great-grandfather in WWI or WWII? The picture says WWII I think. Precious pictures either way.

  2. I love this. How thankful I am for all our veterans, but it makes me so sad to see The Greatest Generation fade away. They were a breed apart.

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