Classics Bookclub: Little Women

Classics Bookclub
This month’s Classics Bookclub at 5 Minutes for Books is featuring works by Louisa May Alcott. As a girl, I dearly loved the Little Women trilogy: Little Women, Little Men and Jo’s Boys. I thought for the Bookclub I would read something else by Alcott, something unfamiliar (did you know she wrote a series of suspense short stories–Behind a Mask: The Unknown Thrillers Of Louisa May Alcott?). I even checked out The Inheritance from the library. However, one night last week I caught the end of a movie version of Little Women which prompted my desire to re-read my old favorite, something I haven’t done in many, many years.
My first introduction to Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy occurred at my grandmother’s house in the books that once belonged to my mom and her brother and sister, Junior Deluxe Editions published in 1950. I read all three, many times over, curled up on the sofa at my grandmother’s. Alcott’s Under the Lilacs was also a part of my grandmother’s library but for some reason I never read it, preferring I suppose the familiarity of my friend Jo and the rest of the March family. Like nearly every other girl who loved Little Women, I wanted to be Jo: passionate, impulsive, idealistic–in short, a writer. I’m not but I like remembering wanting to.
Upon my grandmother’s death, my mom made sure I received her copy of Little Women, the one I am reading today. I am glad to have it, not only for the memories of the books itself and my girlish love of good story but because when I read it I remember my grandmother and our visits to her home.
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Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

4 thoughts on “Classics Bookclub: Little Women”

  1. I'm sure reading the same book from your childhood is a delight! How fun to have inherited the book from your Grandma!

  2. Sometimes it just feels good to curl up with an old friend, some book that is familiar to you. And how special to have your grandmother's copy of the book!

  3. I love the story behind the story, or behind the book as it were. Often the memories of a book or the setting we read the book is SO wrapped up in those other factors.

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