I wish I may, I wish I might

As a girl, I would often search the early night sky for that first star’s light, chanting to myself the familiar refrain: “Star light, star bright / First star I see tonight / I wish I may / I wish I might / Have the wish I wish tonight.” While I can’t recall what childish dreams I sought so fervently, I well remember the secret hope that maybe, just maybe they might come true. I was smart enough to know that no star granted wishes; at the same time I was hopeful enough that perhaps I just might have the wish I wished if I wished it sincerely.
I’m older now (news flash, there) and while I no longer wish upon a star I do occasionally indulge in the hope that “I wish I may, I wish I might…”
I wish…I were more organized.
I wish…I enjoyed cleaning house.
I wish…for one day with nothing to do and nowhere to be.
I wish…I had a new pair of boots.
I wish…I could figure out how to do it “all” with ease and excellence.
I wish…my children would ________ .
I wish…I were funner and funnier.
I wish…I had a best girlfriend.
I wish…my house looked like the Pottery Barn catalog.
I wish…I were a better communicator/Bible teacher.
I wish…I were confident and bold instead of weak and insecure.
I wish…
These are all longings I’ve expressed at various points in my journey; it’s an illustrative list and by no means exhaustive. Some are real regret; most are mere reflections of my discontent and my desire for the proverbial greener grass.
Just this morning I was indulging in a few “I wish I may, I wish I might” yearnings and the thought occurred to me: then what? If all my wishes came true and I got whatever I think I need and want–then what? Would I then be happy forever and forever amen? Satisfied and fulfilled for the rest of my days?
No, I wouldn’t (though there is that small part of me that would sure like to try). You know it as well as I do: one wish inevitably gives way to another. We are never content, no matter what it is we wishing for. I am never satisfied. There was a time I wished for a new sofa only to then wish for a rug and curtains. I wished for the new sofa, I got it and then what? I wished for something else. And on and on it goes…
Wishing after the things of this world is a silly, disappointing venture, a vicious cycle of discontent and desire. When will I learn? What if I were to instead seek satisfaction in Christ and Him alone–then what? His Word promises I would never be disappointed; instead, by His grace He would reveal to me the breadth and length and height and depth of His love, this love that surpasses knowledge, even as He fills me with all the fullness of God. Who needs mere wishes? This is my hope, my confidence and my assurance–Christ alone! He is able to save and to satisfy! Nothing compares to Him!

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

12 thoughts on “I wish I may, I wish I might”

  1. Beautifully said, and exactly where I am right now. After spending the last months wishing things in my home were different, I've learned to be careful what you wish for 😉

  2. Oh Lisa, this is absolutely wonderful. I'm sure it speaks to the hearts of many women, myself included. Thanks!

  3. Excellent thoughts.And I still WISH you lived closer to me! 🙂 (And remember I told you you were fun & funny!)

  4. Amen sista! I've got to exchange my wishies for Hope in Him alone. I think I can still wish but maybe the difference is in the knowing that the fulfillment of our wishies is not our hope and what we depend on. Sheesh I don't know if this makes sense written down. I wish I could express myself better :0)

  5. Awesome post, Lisa. It's amazing how we always tend to wish and put our hopes into things instead of looking to Jesus to fulfill and fill up our hearts.

  6. I relate to all of this so well! My husband and I say, almost every week, that we want to live in Pottery Barn! I have also wished for a best girl friend!Thanks for being willing to write what so many of us would "say" if we could!Rachel

  7. So true. And so ironic, because I do enjoy some of the things so many people wish away…like housecleaning. Not all of it, but for the most part I enjoy it because it's something that is in my home, that gives a pretty fast return on investment (kinda like mowing the lawn…you can see the fruits of your labor FAST). I am gone from home so much and really love when I can stay home and feather my nest. And PS – the Pottery Barn stuff looks great but most of it is crap, especially if is something that is used like coverlets, etc. ha! So you can take that off your wish list.

  8. Wow – those are some powerful thoughts that touch a nerve with so many of us. Thanks for putting it into words that we can feel.

  9. I think this post speaks to so many of us, Lisa. In different ways.Am I weird because I like to clean my house? I have no boots, so send a pair this way. I can totally relate to the Pottery Barn thingy, oh yeah.And I too wish…I had a best girlfriend.

  10. I've had my times of wishing beyond my means… you're right. It does nothing to strengthen my spirit… only sows discontent therein.Still and yet, a house like Pottery Barn sounds pretty good to me!Hope all is well, Lisa. I've been very slow about getting around to blogs these days. Trying to do better.peace~elaine

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