Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday which means Susanne of Living to Tell the Story is hosting her weekly carnival, Friday’s Fave Five! So, here are five of my favorite things from this past week:
1. Homecoming Parade. Class floats, the bands, the queen and her court propped on the back of convertibles, the football team on a flatbed trailer, all capped off with the big fire truck at the end. Love it.
2. Winning. Our football team (on which my oldest boy plays) won last Friday night, 28-0. My youngest two sons’ team won their soccer match on Saturday 6-2; my second son won his 6-0. Winning isn’t everything, you’re absolutely right, but it sure is fun to see your boys play hard, do their best, and win. I’m just sayin’…
3. Rick Bragg’s All Over but the Shoutin’. I don’t think it’s my favorite book and in fact I have mixed emotions upon finishing it. I think it has made me sad more than anything else which is something of a puzzling emotion to follow such an incredibly well written memoir. But still, I liked it. Bragg’s story of his rise from dirt poor white trash to winning the Pulitzer is an amazing one indeed.
4. Bible study, Hoping for Something Better. Good stuff. A small group this week, only three of us, but still, the Lord was faithful to meet with us! Where two or three are gathered!
5. Meeting this morning with two young girlfriends. We had a great time as we chatted about real life, confessed our failures and boasted in the grace of God as our only hope (and even baked cupcakes–or one of us did!). I am so very thankful that the Lord in His sovereign plan brought the three of us together for such a time as this!
And, for a 6th favorite thing of the week: Returning to blogging. To be back, at least for a week, has been good. I’ve missed it. I’m glad to be back!
What about you? What are your five favorites of the week? Link up over at Susanne’s and let us know!

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five”

  1. Winning can definitely be more fun than losing. 🙂 Lessons learned either way. Glad your Bible study went well! Sometimes a smaller crowd is more conducive to great conversation and intimacy. And it's great to have you return to blogging. You were missed.

  2. I'm too lazy to post and link, but a favorite of mine this week would have to be the weather. October is normally the beginning of many months of rain here in Oregon. It was sunny all week!

  3. Nothing better than watching your boys play hard – and win! I have 4 sons as well, all grown now, plus a daughter still at home. Lots of happy memories watching countless hockey games.

  4. Winning isn't everything but it sure is a lot more fun when your team wins :0)I'm glad your boys are experiencing the fun of sports. It is good to get together with friends and be real.Have a wonderful weekend…

  5. Nice to see you back!Yeah for playing and the wins for your boys teams. I used to love watching my girl play sports.We don't have homecomings around here but they sound like a lot of fun.

  6. Lisa, you're the best!! I always look forward to Friday Mornings!! My Favorite moment this week was watching my almost 2 year old jump on a trampoline inside a church at her Birthday party! 🙂

  7. I keep meaning to return to blogging but it never seems to quite work out for me. lol Love you my friend! It's time for a get together..:)

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