Back in the groove, such as it is

So I’m walking out of the JV football game last Monday night and my friend Sherrie calls me over to where she is sitting in the warmth of her vehicle. As I lean in the open window, she proceeds to remind me that it is nearly October and time for my self imposed blog break to endan adamant suggestion to get back with it already. Yes, ma’am, indeed. And, well, I suppose she’s right, though it’s taken me a week to get back in the groove, such as it is.

The break, it’s been good. While I’ve certainly thought about blogging, and the days without me considering various post possibilities were few and far between, I never had to actually restrain myself from rushing the computer and madly composing all the smart and witty posts accumulating in my thought processes. Mostly I’ve been living life–however hectic, however chaotic–here in the real world.
Some highlights of the month:
I read a couple of really great books, most particularly Coop. Carrie reviewed it quite enthusiastically at 5 Minutes for Books and I have to tell you: she does not exaggerate. It’s good. I love memoir and this guy can flat out write.
I’m loving football season. My boy is playing for the first time and, frankly, he has a lot of room of improvement, but, hey, football is one of the (many) reasons I love living in a smaller town. Who needs Target, Starbuck’s or even PF Changs when you can dish on the new football coach with the senior gentleman carrying out your groceries or share a bag of peanuts with friends whose boy has been teammates with your boy since they were four and playing soccer for the first time? True, I’d love it a lot more if we were 6-0 instead of 3-3 (what can I say, I like to win), but Friday nights with the whole town turned out to cheer on the home team? Pretty cool.
Also loving Bible study, Hoping for Something Better by Nancy Guthrie. I know the summer hiatus is necessary and good–if for no other reason than to make resuming in the fall all the more sweet. We’re gaining an immense vision of Jesus as we study the book of Hebrews, exalting in Him as the something better we long for. As Guthrie writes,
We don’t have to spend our whole lives on an endless and unsatisfying search. There really is something better…better than living life with a merely sentimental, superficial spirituality. Better than going through life with a debilitating fear of death. Better than becoming bored and burdened by meaningless religious ritual; better than feeling like an unwelcome outsider or an unworthy hypocrite; better than being bound by shame and regret. There is something better than makes problems worth persevering through, something that makes heaven worth waiting for, something running toward and dreaming of.
That something better is actually someone better: Jesus.
Yes and amen.
Other September highlights include soccer games (my eleventh year as a soccer mom and still lovin’ it), cooler temps (and open windows, totally lovin’ it), and shuttling kids all over town (not exactly lovin’ it but tolerating it just the same). In short, life is good. Immeasurably good, full to overflow with the blessings given by the Giver of all good things.

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

10 thoughts on “Back in the groove, such as it is”

  1. I'm glad you're back! We're more of the gymnastics family; no contact sports at the moment. I'm looking forward to basketball season starting up in a few weeks tho.

  2. I have to say that I was extremely excited to see you pop back up in my Google reader this morning!I have a hard time imagining a whole town turning out to cheer on their football team but it does sound pretty awesome. (If I liked football, *gulp* I'd probably understand that more.)I'm so glad that you enjoyed Coop. He IS a fantastic author and that was a fabulous book!Happy Autumn to you!

  3. Welcome back, friend. Life is grand, even in its chaos. Each piece another opportunity to live as witness to the Lord. It's the truth I'm holding onto in the midst of my own grand life chaos. It's nice to know you're back around blogwise so that we can dish on His goodness in our dailyness.

  4. My reader almost had a spasm seeing your name there! Welcome back!Yours sounds like the picture-perfect, straight-out-of-a-book fall!

  5. Glad to see you back! My hometown (Madison) used to be small; not so small anymore. So don't let the word spread too much about yours. Happy blogging again!

  6. I was so happy to see your name pop up in my reader just now!! I've missed you! Thanks for the book suggestion. Coop sounds like a winner. As does your sweet little town. I grew up in a very small town like that and ran as fast as I could when I went to college. I haven't been back much, but sometimes miss that small town feeling.

  7. Glad to have you back! Feel free to leave any thoughts you have – completed or not. We love 'em all! And as for Coop, well, that sounds like a great Christmas idea for one or five members of my family.

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