Deliberate–carefully weighed or considered; studied; intentional

I told you in my last post that I want to be deliberate with my life, redeeming the time, numbering my days. As I shared with you, I’ve been challenged by Piper’s article on autumn resolutions; I want to make “resolves for good,” as Piper describes them, resolutions born of “self examination–life-examination, routine-examination, schedule-examination, heart-examination.” To that end, I’ve been making some deliberations, examining and evaluating my priorities: my life, my routine, my schedule, and my heart. It’s been a process, but I thought maybe I’d give you a glimpse into my deliberations thus far…

I told you it’s a process, consisting (so far) of three main steps:
  • Determining my priorities–what’s important? What’s not?
  • Evaluating my activities–is this beneficial? How does it fit into my list of what’s important?
  • Taking action–what needs to change? Where do I need to grow?
In the end, I hope to have priorities that are more focused as well as a greater grasp of the Lord’s will for my day to day life.
So, here’s how it’s working itself out so far…
I want to say first of all that the bulk of my approach has been gleaned from Carolyn Mahaney and the other girltalk gals’ book Shopping for Time: How to Do It All and NOT Be Overwhelmed, specifically their chapter “Sit and Plan.” In that chapter, Carolyn and her daughters recommend a personal retreat, a time to get away for awhile, alone if possible and free from distractions in order to sit and plan. Well, I didn’t exactly get away; I chose to retreat to the back porch and for two reasons–coffee and the ability to stay on top of my laundry.
On my “retreat” to the back porch, I brought the following essentials:
  • Cup of coffee
  • Bible–I didn’t really use it much (keepin’ it real) but I wanted it as a visual reminder of the foundation of all decisions
  • Notebook and pen and some preliminary brainstorming notes
You may take notice of what I did not take to the porch with me, namely, my computer. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be helpful. I am saying that the temptation to check email, visit Facebook, and browse google reader, you know, just for a minute…well, it would all be too great. Yeah, I’m a wimp. So, a plain old spiral notebook and blue ink pen had to suffice. Old school all the way, baby.
Also, Shopping for Time implies all planning is accomplished in one fell swoop–which is totally great. You go, girl. For me, however, it’s been more of a process. Last Friday during car line I spent half an hour or so sketching out some preliminary notes, brainstorming on the ideas of priorities and schedules and the like. Today I took the “retreat” to the porch for an hour or so during which I expanded and modified those notes as I prayed over them, seeking the Lord’s guidance and direction. Over the next few days, I will continue to pray and think and evaluate and make plans as the Lord leads. A process.
In my next post I will share some of the specifics of how I prepared for my “retreat” and some of the priorities the Spirit is impressing on me.

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

One thought on “Deliberations”

  1. I am trying to rethink what's important, too. I need to revisit Shopping for Time!Can't wait to read more about what you're learning.

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