You asked; I’m answering–Finale, finally

Okay, so it is finally the finale of the You ask; I’ll answer (maybe) series of posts. You can see the original questions in the comment section of this post and the answers here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, and Part Five.

Shelly asked, Where is the best place you’ve travelled to?

Okay, I’ll have to say Williamsburg and DC. I haven’t travelled all that much but regardless I still think they’d be my favorites.
Shelly also wants to know, What one word would your closest friends use to describe you?
I honestly don’t know (and am afraid to guess–ha). Any friends out there want to chime in?
Liz wonders about your hopes for when your boys are gone – either for them or for you.

For my boys: my sincerest desire for them is that they love Christ supremely, seeking His glory in all things. I’ll be honest, I really would love for one (or more) of them to go into some sort of full time ministry or missionary work but if they live their lives in the pursuit of the Lord Jesus as their greatest Treasure, then that is all this mother would ask for.
And I do.
For me: I really haven’t thought about it–though, now that I think about it, it stresses me out just a little. What exactly am I supposed to be when I grow up? I know this, I’d like to travel, maybe to visit and serve alongside my son(s) in the mission field (!). For certain, I want to keep teaching women and encouraging them to know God through the study of His Word.
Liz also asks, Or more generally, what moments or memories do you wish you had captured in some format other than just your memory (so I can get on that before my kids are teens (because Kindergarten approaches and I know in a blink they’ll be in college…)).
The everyday stuff. Absolutely, no question about it. The real life moments are the ones you will treasure most. And this is advice we (me and my husband) would do well to heed also. My poor youngest son–his video time is markedly less than, say, the number one son!
Linda wants to know: How you got started teaching Bible studies.
Out of my own need. I distinctly remember sitting at the playground at our library with a dear friend and confessing to her my desire to study God’s Word with a group of women–probably in a not-so-subtle hint for her to lead one such group. Her response to me would prove to be life changing: “Sounds like God may be calling YOU to begin a Bible study.” And so He was. And so He is.
I had zero teaching credentials (still don’t). Our first study was Kay Arthur’s Lord, Only You Can Change Me and our first group contained 15-20 women (a large group in my experience), all of whom were older than me. Talk about intimidating! Well, I stumbled through that first meeting and the one after that, stumbled through the next study and the one after that, and here I am, still stumbling, over a decade later.
Linda is also curious: Your blog is generally fairly serious – maybe give us a peek of your not-so-serious side? What makes you laugh?
I’ve been worrying over this question more than any other since I first made the appeal a few months ago! One night my youngest son and I were out for a walk and I thought I would kind of throw out some feelers, you know, see how serious/not-so-serious I might really be, not to mention gain some blog fodder in answer to Linda’s question.
“So, what does Mama do that is silly?” I asked my son.
“Ummmm,” he thought for a minute. “Not much.”
“Am I fun? What do I do that’s fun?”
A few moments’ contemplation.
“Uh…well…you…um…you…you go on walks!” he triumphantly answered.
Wow. Fun.
I already told you that when I finally met Linda in real life she was surprised at my lack of morose-ness. See, I have fun potential; it’s just not fully developed into full blown funny. Yet. I do love to laugh and among the things that make me laugh include (without a doubt) the silliness of my guys. All of them.
Kelly asks, What have you done raising your kids that is different from the way you were raised?
Well, I’m raising boys which, as any mom of sons knows, is vastly different from raising a daughter (based solely on my own experience as a daughter and not as the mom of one). Plus, I’m raising kids in the age of the internet and cell phones, iTouch and PS3. So, yeah, there are differences; for instance, I make my boys turn in their cell phones and iPods to me every night–something my parents never did. But, technology aside, my parents were great parents and did an amazing job raising the three of us: me, my sister and brother. I can only hope to be as good a parents as they are.
Kelly also wants to know: What’s something you’ve learned recently that surprised you?
I am continually surprised at the depth of my own persistent rebellion against God and the grace and mercy He pours out despite it. I know it’s a church-y answer, but it’s true. I am so desperate and depraved in my own self; He is so good, to the praise of His glorious name. How easily I forget how shocking His grace really is…

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

One thought on “You asked; I’m answering–Finale, finally”

  1. I loved this set of questions!I'm wondering then if I'M ever supposed to figure out what it is I'm going to be when I grow up. I'm thinking now that maybe I won't know and it's just about living each day to the fullest and for His glory? What would you say? It sounds so difficultly BORING but I suppose it's really the most exciting thing to do.And I burst out laughing at the fact that your fun side is going on walks. Well, I'd take a walk with you any old day of the week for good conversation and pleasant company. That WOULD be fun!

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