For some reason, blogger is uploading my pictures only a few at a time and in reverse order. I haven’t the inclination to move them all around so you’ll have to bear with a slightly skewed timeline…

The Lincoln Memorial. We also visited the Vietnam Memorial (amazing and incredibly moving), the Korean War Memorial, and the WWII memorial. We didn’t make it to the top of the Washington Monument (definitely want to next time) nor out to the Jefferson Memorial. (Note the umbrellas. Radar indicated rain was imminent so we carried those things around all.day.long. Only rain we got was a few sprinkles while we were standing in line at Ford’s Theatre. Of course, I maintain by carrying around the umbrellas we insured it wouldn’t rain!)
The Capitol. Yes, I have my coffee in hand.
Inside the Capitol Rotunda.

Union Station.
The White House. A nice lady from Oklahoma took our picture after my husband took a picture of their family.
Walking. We walked and walked and walked. My husband computed our last day’s mileage once we got home. Eight miles. In one day.

The Library of Congress. Too gorgeous for words.

The boys in front of the Capitol.
Going down the escalator to the metro. We walked a lot but we also grew to be metro experts. LOVE the metro!

Other highlights of the trip include the National Archives (of National Treasure fame), the Supreme Court building, Ford’s Theatre and eating at the Washington landmark Old Ebbitt’s Grill. We also visited a couple of the Smithsonian’s: the Museum of American History and the Air and Space Museum as well as a quick trip to the Museum of Natural History. I was so excited about the Museum of American History since it was closed during our last trip. It was really fascinating but I missed all the pop culture stuff I thought would be there? I did stand in line forever (and alone) to see the First Lady’s exhibit–very cool.

A wonderful trip. I love DC.

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “DC”

  1. Love the photos Lisa! I really need to go back to DC and take a good long look. I've only been there once back in 1971…

  2. I have always wanted to visit DC. My kids' school has a DC trip and being the mean mom I am – I'm not letting them go because I want to go as a family first… Love your picturesLove,Kellyhttp://www.ivebecomemymother.com

  3. I really want to take our guys to DC – this makes me want to even more. Blogger is like that about pictures. You learn to pick the few best and upload them out of order….at least that's what I've done rather than try to find out if there's a better way 🙂

  4. Love it! We went to DC about 4 years ago and spent a week seeing things — mostly the Smithsonian, but a whole bunch of memorials too. We're trying to figure out when we can go again, we enjoyed it so much!

  5. What a fabulous trip! I have just been saying that I would love for our family to go back to DC in a few years, when Ahna is a bit older – but then, at least one of the older boys might be gone from home,…. hmmm. Guess we'll see.

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