We are on vacation. I think that I’m not supposed to admit that, you know, in case one of the two of you who actually still read this blog might take advantage of our absence to, I don’t know, do something unwarranted. If that is the case, then you must know my neighbors are keeping an eye out so consider yourself forewarned.

Anyway, we’re on vacation. We left early Friday morning and drove for 11 hours (actually, my husband drove, the rest of us were along for the ride and tried not to get on each other’s nerves, unsuccessfully so I might add). We ate at Cracker Barrel and Chick Fil A, watched the Tour (de France) Friday night after a quick trip for the essentials at Wal Mart. The next morning we watched the big mountain stage of the Tour–and thus by mid morning on Saturday, 28 hours after we left we had yet to do anything we couldn’t have done 3 miles from home.
Oh, except for my son locking his toy in the safe and forgetting the password he’d created. Talk about wailing and gnashing of teeth! A quick call to maintenance solved the problem (surely we weren’t the first) but I have to tell you, there was d.r.a.m.a.
Our tickets hadn’t been delivered to the front desk as was arranged. They should have been there upon check in Friday; no such luck. We called an 800 number, left a message, finally had tickets late morning Saturday; however, on our way to Colonial Williamsburg we discovered there were only tickets for 2 adults, 2 children. Last time we checked, we had four children. Another call, a wait for the hand delivery in front of the Visitor’s Center, and finally we are on our way.
Day 1: Colonial Williamsburg
Love it. The best tour: the Governor’s Palace. The tour guide was excellent. Another favorite: the blacksmith. We ate lunch at a tavern more for the ambience than the food–but the ambience, it was great. The fife and drums march, way cool. The bindery, disappointing. The magazine and gun place, pretty neat. It was hot so some of us grew a little weary and cranky (someone under five feet tall but that’s all I’m going to say about that). I loved it all and now want to go re-read 1776 (which is a fantastic book by the way).
Day 2: Busch Gardens
I am no fun when it comes to roller coasters. No fun. And when I wake up with a splitting headache, I am even less fun. So I pretty much spent the day following the guys around and holding the cell phones, glasses and other loose personal items. Which was fun in its own way because my guys had a great time. Especially my number three son, eleven years old. He was (is) a roller coaster fiend. A maniac! He rode them all. My youngest son, while not a roller coaster fiend in any sense of the word, even conquered the Loch Ness Monster. He’s come a long way, baby. As for me, I rode the log ride, a 3D ride (and kept my eyes closed), and the swings. Yeah, I know: boring.
It was HOT. We attempted to cool off in the AC courtesy of one of the shops in Germany:
Day 2 added bonus: Meeting Melissa of Breath of Life
Yes, that’s right! an MIRL (“meet in real life”) with my dear blog friend Melissa! Bless her heart, she had already made a long drive that day, something like 5 hours or so to pick up her daughter, yet she made an additional drive over to Williamsburg for some Chinese food, Starbuck’s and good conversation with yours truly. Melissa is sweet, articulate and every bit as authentic as she seems on her blog. I asked her if she had been nervous about the MIRL and she said she wasn’t. Me, on the other hand, I was so self conscious that I am now convinced I was a complete idiot! Idiot or not, I was so glad for the opportunity to meet her and I am so glad she made the effort to make it happen.
Day 3: Water Park
No pictures will be posted of this event. I think, though, I impressed my boys by riding the water slides. “Mama, you’re going to get WET?” Yes, yes, I did. The first ride I rode with the roller coaster fiend mentioned above. He couldn’t wait to tell his brothers that I screamed the whole way. Yeah, so, maybe I did. We also rode a “family” ride, me, my husband and our two youngest on a float together. Maybe I screamed again. At the end of the ride, once we could see the bottom, my youngest son yelled out in reassurance: “It’s almost over, Mama, it’s almost over!
After the water park, we got cleaned up and went back to Colonial Williamsburg and a shopping area near William & Mary. We hurriedly bought some souvenirs and took a quick tour of Bruton Parish Church before the rain and storms hit.
Day 4: Today, our last day here in Williamsburg
We’ve already made a return trip to Busch Gardens this morning and we plan to return to Colonial Williamsburg this afternoon. In the morning we will head out to DC for the remainder of our trip.
We’re having a great time, eating too much, sleeping in and enjoying some history!

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

15 thoughts on “Williamsburg”

  1. Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Colonial Williamsburg! I've been there once about 23 years ago, and I want to go back! The folks in character were fantastic. Eating at the taverns was fun – but is the ham still salty? "Smithfield Ham" down here is normal, but up there it was so salty we could hardly eat it.A bloggy MIRL sounds like fun! 🙂

  2. We LOVE Williamsburg, and my husband even tried to get a job there. We lived in the Norfolk area at one point, and we made frequent trips to Williamsburg. Thanks for the lovely trip down memory lane. (If you ever have a chance to go there in the late fall/early winter, it's incredibly beautiful. The houses are decorated, and you can buy the best hot chocolate in the world there 🙂

  3. It's so fun to read about your trip since we'll be doing sort of the same thing in about three weeks. I can't wait! The pictures are lovely. Looking forward to your DC report. Have fun!!

  4. We went to Williamsburgh when the girls were probably 10 and 6. They cared more for the swimming pool at the hotel, than history! We also went to Bush Gardens and the water park. I rode all those crazy rollercoasters. I remember the Lockness Monster! We have a similar insidence with a lost toy. Annah Grace lost her beloved "Linda Mouse", a stuffed animal she had since she was 2 and carried it everywhere she went. We think she must have either dropped her or she was accidentally kicked out of the car. I can relate to the DRAMA! At least yours ended well. Well have fun on the rest of your trip… make memories! Pam Barclift

  5. I've always wanted to go to Williamsburg! Maybe one day I'll get there. Looks like you're having a great time. And no matter where we go, we always have to make a Wal-Mart stop, too. So funny.

  6. The pleasure was all mine, friend. And you are NO IDIOT!(The Governor's Palace & the blacksmith are my faves, too)

  7. So glad you're having a good time. Annah and I were too young to truly enjoy Williamsburg. We were more concerned with the hotel pool! Busch Gardens…MY FAVORITE!

  8. Well. I'm up in Oregon here. Overwhelmed with jealousy. Cracker Barrel….Chick fil A (I bet you even drank sweet tea)…Williamsburg….MELISSA!At least I can't work out my frusterations by vandalizing your home! ;DSounds like you are having a wonderful time!!!

  9. just so you know there's actually THREE that still read this blog… 😉 sounds fun! i might have to try make it there one day!!!

  10. Fun trip! I look forward to making a "history loop" when my kiddos are older. I have good memories from when I was a kid from Wburg. Safe travels!

  11. What a neat vacation! My husband and I would love to go there sometime. Our boys would definitely enjoy the rides and the water park. What a neat experience to meet a fellow blogger from outside of Marshall County! I would have been nervous, too.Enjoy the trip home. I'll be seeing you around soon.

  12. Looks like y'all are having a fan-tas-tic time…enjoy, take lots of pics, and have FUN!So jealous you met a bloggy buddy to boot…Melissa @ Breath of Life is a wonderfully talented lady!xoxo,Melissa in Mel's World

  13. Oh, Williamsburg. My in-laws live there, so we have done Colonial and Busch Gardens and Water Country time and time again. 🙂 What a lovely place. I wish you guys had done this the weekend before when we were down there last– I could have crashed yours and Melissa's MIRL! 🙂

  14. Your vacation sounds perfect. I would love the historical part of it. Unfortunately my kids would be more into the theme parks and water parks. My hubby would be into the restaurants. LOL.Fun that you got to meet up with a bloggy friend in the midst of it.

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