You asked; I’m answering–Part 5

I’m coming to you live from my back porch. Aren’t laptops amazing? It is such a gorgeous morning–blue skies, sunshine, cool(er) temps, a breeze. Beautiful!

So we’re back to the You ask; I’ll answer (maybe) series of posts wherein you, the loyal reader (the few! the proud!) asked and now I’m attempting to answer.
(If you’re interested, here is Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four)
Among Elle’s questions, What home improvement projects would you do if money were no object?
Let’s see. A pool, definitely. A deck off my back porch complete with an outdoor fireplace. I should say refinishing the hardwood floors because they need it, badly. Does a maid count as a home improvement project?
Elle also asks me to describe my dream vacation/home/weekend.
My dream vacation: I’d love to go to the Holy Land. The Grand Canyon. Or out to California. And to Venice. The English countryside. London. But not all at once. 🙂
My dream home: One that cleans itself.
My dream weekend: Home, on the porch on a beautiful morning. I’m so boring.
Liz wants to know about a theological concept that eludes me.
I seem to continually forget my own desperation and depravity before a holy God, pursue my own self sufficient form of self righteousness and thus minimize and despise His saving grace. Just the other day I was reading Elyse Fitzpatrick’s Comforts from the Cross and I had to put the book down as the double edged sword pierced my heart (more like plunged into my heart) revealing my pursuit of my own glory. Though I immediately confessed and repented, my heart was broken. I saw how I had used ministry as a means of gaining glory for me, me, me. I am ashamed even now to admit it to you. How can I forget His grace? Oh, but I do. I keep forgetting that I cannot curry His favor nor gain His approval. I turn serving Him into standards to live by and rules to keep–though I can’t do either. I am lost, desperate, and hopelessly sinful apart from His grace and mercy through His Son Jesus.
Side note–something that eludes me about parenting? The stupid inconsequential things children will find to argue over. I just had to get up and leave the beauty of the morning to mediate an argument over…wait for it…pillowcases. Yes, that’s right. I washed my two youngest sons’ sheets yesterday and though both sets of sheets are navy, purchased simultaneously, washed together, in other words, exactly the same, evidently (according to them) I mixed up the pillowcases. The argument? One brother wouldn’t switch with the other because of purported slobber on said pillowcase. Just goes to show we are all depraved…
Liz also asks what I love about math–is it algebra, geometry, calculus? Does it relate to any other areas of interest or outlook on life?
An easy question to answer. I love math because it is logical. There is a process and there is an answer. If x then y. It’s reasonable. It’s makes sense. How does this affect my outlook on life? I’ve spent a great deal of my life being frustrated that life doesn’t make sense, that sometimes there is no answer, that I can’t reason my way to a logical conclusion. And in parenting? Well, just because there is “x” doesn’t guarantee “y” will follow. I’m just sayin’…
So, there you go! Stay tuned for at least one more installment in the You ask; I’ll answer (maybe) series of posts. Until then, may you enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend! I plan to be here on the porch, reading and guzzling coffee–at least until it gets too hot for either!

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

4 thoughts on “You asked; I’m answering–Part 5”

  1. Regarding the math and raising children – with 4 boys, you have lots of xy's, my friend!! LOL

  2. Mocha with Linda — you win the perfect comment award!Lisa, you've gotten some great questions!! I've enjoyed reading these posts.

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