You asked; I’m answering (sort of)–Part Four

Shelly asks, What were you like in high school? in college? Susanne also wants to know what you were like when you were a teenager.

You may think me dodging the question but I thought I’d answer with pictures rather than words, a picture being worth a thousand words as you well know…

Not high school or college, but me and my baby sister (and my dad). I was almost 3.

And this is me at 4 or 5. I honestly thought I was smiling. Too serious then, and now.

This following picture cracks me up. It’s me roller skating on the carport at my grandmother’s. Check out my outfit! My mom made most, if not all, of our clothes. Here’s hoping that bolt of fabric was on clearance!

I couldn’t find any high school pictures but here’s a few from college. This is me and my (then future) husband. He came out to Baylor from Auburn to visit. Note we are wearing the other’s school’s sweatshirts.

Me and my college roommates.

Me at my graduation from Baylor.
And while we’re on this pictorial version of “This is your life,” here’s me and my husband at our rehearsal dinner.

And as newlyweds.

So, there you go–the way I was, way back when. Should I stumble across any pictures from high school, I will be sure to post them. Maybe. High school wasn’t too kind to me, particularly the early years. Think braces, glasses, and a succession of bad perms. It was the 80’s, after all.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

11 thoughts on “You asked; I’m answering (sort of)–Part Four”

  1. This post is awesome!Love the outfit you are wearing while skating. Oh yeah. I'm the type that you can actually invite over to your house specifically to watch old home movies and look through the family scrapbooks and I consider myself to be having a tea time! This is fun…

  2. Argghhh!!!! You know I was waiting for those high school pictures!! I can't believe you let me down!(And everyone else who reads this is wondering what my problem is!)Keep looking – I gotta see one!

  3. Yeah for pictures. I have picture envy. Still haven't conquered that blog bit of techno. And I might even have a pic of myself in that same tulip jumper.

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