Status Report, June

Sitting…at the dining room table. I want to go out on the porch but it is HOT. Hello, summer.

Drinking…a Coke. The real thing.

Finished…reading The Count of Monte Cristo last night, all 1200 pages. Loved it. LOVED it–much more than Les Miz! Someone asked me why I splurged for the unabridged version and I have no real good answer other than the reviews on amazon convinced me to go that route–and I’m so glad I did! Unlike my abridged version of Les Miserables which still at times seemed, well, too much, particularly in regard to Hugo’s political rants, I can’t imagine what part of Monte Cristo could be left out or summarized! It’s 1200 pages of really good storytelling, which I enjoyed immensely

Now reading…Face of Betrayal. After The Count and How Do I Love Thee (a novelization of Elizabeth Barret Browning’s love story), I was ready to get out of the 19th century and into some good 21st century suspense! So far, so good.

Weary…of my taxi driver role. Already. It’s, like, only the third official day of summer. Gonna be a long one.

Attempting…to limit the summer TV time for the boys. It’s not so easy adjusting to the slower pace of summer apart from hours spent in mindless entertainment. We’re learning, all of us. I don’t watch TV hardly at all, but my kids sure would, were I to let them. Can I just say sometimes I’m tempted to let them…

Grateful…for our little church and the work the Lord is doing in us. He is faithful!

Overwhelmed…by the sovereignty of God. I am humbled when I realize all over again that it’s all Him. ALL HIM. I am nothing before Him. I can see His hand, drawing me, leading me, carrying me. Grace, grace, God’s grace. He is good, He is merciful, He works all things according to His pleasure.

Began…the Great Closet Clean Out of ’09 yesterday. One down, but what a mess I made! Sure, all the junk extra clothes are now out of my son’s closet, but so far it’s less of a clean out and more of a transfer of location, meaning the hallway is now junk-ier than his closet ever was! I must persevere…but it is no fun, let me tell you. Quite the opposite really. After the Great Closet Clean Out, up next will be the Long Overdue Painting of the Half Bath.

Enjoyed…a great night with some old friends last Saturday night (not old age wise, mind you, but old in that we’ve been friends for a long time!). I love having friends who knew me when and I love that we were given opportunity to spend an evening together just like old times!

Thankful…for celebrations like bridal teas, especially bridal teas where I get to see friends I don’t see so often anymore.

Boasting…in the Lord with dear friends. HOW FAITHFUL IS OUR GOD! His timing is PERFECT! How gracious He is to grant us this glimpse of His sovereign goodness working all things together in ways unimagined. Glory to His name!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

9 thoughts on “Status Report, June”

  1. Woo hoo for reading the Unabridged version of The Count. It IS awesome story telling! I read it at Jonathan’s enthusiastic prompting. So glad I did. Great story.YAY for time away with old friends.

  2. I love friends who “knew me when”. I have a handful of them I still see regularly and nothing compares.And the great closet clean out is starting here too. But not today. It is my birthday after all.

  3. I will totally trade your Great Closet Cleanout '09 for potty training Andrew…otherwise know as Mission: Impossible! *sigh

  4. I am incredibly impressed that you read that book so fast. My husband has been working on "Atlas Shrugged" for months now, and it's only 1,000 pages. Geesh!It's always nice to "see" you, Lisa!

  5. I'm in the 17th hold position for Face of Betrayal at my local library. I can wait. I've got plenty in my reading stack – including my first attempt at reading an entire C.S. Lewis book (other than fiction). I'm on chapter six of "The Problem of Pain."We just cleaned off our porch (photos on my blog) and I'm sitting out there often, but I have a ceiling fan over my head now. A little warm, but peaceful. It's really nice in the evenings.I'm purging excess stuff too. It's the back of my van that is overflowing now. I have GOT to get to the charity drop off!

  6. I have made a new goal for myslef. I am going to attempt to read one if not more classic books of leterature each year. I found a list on the interent of classic (100 of them to be exact) I have a few books to get thought that I have underway but the Count of Monte Cristo is at the top of my list. I can't wait to get into it.BlessingsRobin

  7. I'm already exhausted with the summer routine. That being said, I so enjoy not having to pack lunches and sort through book bags on a nightly basis. Wish I could have some moments on that back porch with you. I need some sisters to sit with for awhile.peace~elaine

  8. Oh yes, in decluttering, things always seem too look worse before they look better. As for painting…that is a task that I can put off for years and years and years…possibly until we move or retire. 🙂

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