You ask; I’ll answer (maybe)

I’m pausing for just a brief minute or two as I await my oldest son’s call informing me basketball practice is over, a mere minute or two to sit in front of the computer screen and try to remember that I do in fact have a blog and that I have in fact, on occasion, posted a blogworthy thought or two.

Evidently I haven’t forgotten how to compose really long, convoluted sentences.

So…I’m trying to tiptoe my way back into this blogging deal. It’s not so easy, blogger’s block being a difficult and persistent hindrance to writing regularly, despite the fact that this is indeed my second post of the day–yes, I do think congratulations are in order!

As a kick start of sorts, I’m going out on a limb here to do something I’ve seen other bloggers do: I’m inviting your help. Specifically, I’m asking you to ask me, kind of an open mike deal where you, the loyal reader (the few, the proud) determine the topics of future posts. Is there something you’ve wondered about? Something you’d like to know about me but never asked? Here’s your chance; ask away! Ask, and I’ll do my best to answer (maybe…subject to my discretion, of course…remember, I have comment moderation enabled!)

So, what do you want to know?


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

9 thoughts on “You ask; I’ll answer (maybe)”

  1. Oooo…let’s see, what shall I ask?As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

  2. I love to play open mike. Plus, does this obligate you to reciprocate for my own substance of blogging block? Here goes: How did you meet your husband? What was your first anniversary like? What did you think marriage would be like and instead discovered it was really? How did you announce your first pregnancy to family? How did you announce your fourth? Describe your dream vacation/home/weekend. What home improvement projects would you do if money were no object? Is that enough to get you started? Blog away, friend.

  3. What are the top 3 things you’d tell yourself, if you could talk to ‘self’ when your 4 boys were wee little?(Read: I have many little boys and would love some thoughts/encouragement on getting through with joy!)

  4. Where is your favorite place to be? Where is the best place you’ve travelled to? What one word would your closest friends use to describe you? What were you like in high school? in college? And may I just add that I”m so glad you’re back?! 🙂

  5. A while back you commented in a post (maybe the one about having many close-knit friends when you had one or two young babies but you miss it now – the one about taking a walk and seeing the “stroller crew” and passing on the other side of the street?) that you would take more videos (if you did it again). Or something like that. I’m wondering what of, or does it matter. Or more generally, what moments or memories do you wish you had captured in some format other than just your memory (so I can get on that before my kids are teens (because Kindergarten approaches and I know in a blink they’ll be in college…)).Or you could write about some theological concept that currently alludes you but causes you to think about and consider God as He has revealed Himself.Or you could do something on your hopes for when your boys are gone – either for them or for you.Or what you love about math (we are a much love for math family here – father-in-law has PhD and taught collegiate math for years). That would be a fun one. Is it algebra, geometry, calculus? And does your particular math area relate to any other areas of interest or outlook on life you have?Or more lessons from discipling. You know, the ones we “disciplers” learn from our “younger” counterparts. Or anything random that these questions reminded you to consider.Or why I’m full of bad grammer tonight. Or anything else – I love all the personal stuff already suggested!

  6. I can never think of these things when I have the chance.How about…Comparing living in a small town to where you grew up – what you like, don’t like.What you miss about Texas. 🙂 And what you don’t.How you got started teaching Bible studies.Your blog is generally fairly serious – maybe give us a peek of your not-so-serious side? What makes you laugh? Are those random enough for you?

  7. I didn’t get to comment earlier. Did I miss the deadline?!? (Although you were bookmarked. Does that count?)What’s something you’ve learned recently that surprised you? What simple, daily pleasure makes you smile the biggest? What have you done raising your kids that is different from the way you were raised?

  8. So when you tiptoe into blogging — you really come back! Look at all these posts this week!I’m going to give you another question. In light of criticisms and insecurities that we give so much weight to, I’d like to you share which area of homemaking you feel like you are good in (or if you can’t go out on the limb to say that you are good at it, you still have to be better at one area): mothering, cooking, cleaning, wifing (I can make up words if I want to).

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