True confessions

~ On my trip to the big city yesterday I did not go to Starbuck’s. Not even once.
~ I did, however, manage to go to Target. Twice.
~ One sign of old age maturity: the current fashions are not only unappealing, they look just a little weird.
~ The Target trips notwithstanding, I really went to the big city to go to the doctor for an annual check up.
~ I know that annual check ups are presumably important for health maintenance but can I just say that sitting in a small exam room for over an hour a half waiting to first meet the doctor, having only five copies of various “celebrity” magazines a few months old in said waiting room, only to finally be assured of good health at the end of it all, well, it makes one want to NOT indulge in the annual check up fun? I’m just sayin’…
~ Today I had lunch with my Bible study girlfriends. I love them.
~ Though the hiatus is necessary and good, I will miss meeting together in Bible study this summer.
~ Speaking of summer, it has me stressed.
~ I wish my oldest could drive.
~ Not really but sometimes, especially when the square in the Outlook calendar has so many obligations there’s a little down arrow…
~ I’ve started reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Unabridged. Did you know that’s over 1200 pages? I don’t know why, I just am.
~ I saw the new Star Trek movie and, excepting about 3 minutes and a couple of choice words, LOVED it.
~ Yes, I am a Trekkie. Old school. Not ashamed to admit it.
~ There are 582 unread posts in my google reader. I’m not sure I will read them all. Have I mentioned the madness that is May?
~ Please don’t hate me if I don’t read them all.
~ I’m wondering if I will ever blog on a somewhat regular basis again.
~ Or, for that matter, if I will ever compose a post absent of a list and/or bullet points and instead one that contains real ideas and carefully constructed thoughts?
~ My brief respite from the madness that is May is now over. I must dash off to the middle school (for the third time today, but who’s counting?).


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

13 thoughts on “True confessions”

  1. Nice to “see” you again – I miss it when you are too busy to blog. No criticism there – I’m right there too busy, also. I’m a Trekkie, too! Loved the movie -except for what you said, too. Wish they’d left those little bits out and I’d feel just fine letting my boys see it. Arrgh. But liked it anyway. I’m driving my husband nuts with my speculations. I hope there will be a sequel to answer some BIG questions I have??Hope you get through the rest of May happily.

  2. Lisa. . .hit the “mark as read” button and start over. I promise you, you’ll feel like a big weight just lifted.Been there, done that. (and I don’t feel guilty anymore. . .)

  3. Awww, it’s just nice to see “Lisa Writes” in my reader. Even if it is a list–I kind of like lists.My husband is reading “Atlas Shrugged” right now which is about 800 pages. Daunting, but he keeps chipping away at it. Plus it’s amazingly creepy how Ann Rynd predicted the future 50 years ahead of time.

  4. I agree with Kim. Just hit “mark as read”, and begin again. It shouldn’t be a burden. It should be fun! As for the fashions of today. I hate the way the shirts look like maternity tops. This is NOT a good look for big girls. I don’t want anyone to ask me when I am due!! lolI love the bulleted lists. They are easier to read when you are a busy person such as we are.Hang in there. Hopefully, June will be a bit slower.

  5. I’m always glad to see you!Everyone’s swamped. I’ve had hardly anyone come by today and it was one of my funniest posts. Go figure.We are usually out by Memorial Day (I almost typed LABOR Day LOL!) but we go all the way to June 3rd this year. Ick.And I can’t believe you didn’t take a BOOK to the doctor’s office! Think how far you’d have gotten on the Count. . . . I’ve gotten where I pretty much keep a book in my car all the time.We’re Trekkies here too.Hang in there friend!!

  6. I’m trying not to virtually squeal here, but I JUST FINISHED “THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO.” I also read the unabridged version, but it was worth it. The storytelling is magnificent. It’s part of my quest to read some of the (many) classics I missed out on in high school and college. We should trade notes.Maybe we could meet at Target.

  7. I’m a TrekkER, not a Trekkie (Next Generation) but I’ve seen every episode and movie from Kirk and Spock days. One thing my brother and I did to relieve a little stress down here in Texas was to go see the new ST movie. We loved it too. Except for the same three minutes and choice words. Otherwise, it was AWESOME!!!

  8. Like Mocha, I can’t believe you didn’t take a book to the doctor appointment! We’re Star Trek fans too, but we don’t own any uniforms or anything. I agree, “mark as read” and move forward.MAYhem is almost over!

  9. I’ve been so out of control that I hadn’t even noticed that you weren’t blogging because….well, I wasn’t, either. Between crazy schedules, being sick and a wireless network that is making both Keith and me CRAZY, there hasn’t been a spare minute. Still love knowing that you’re there or will be there to remind me I’m not alone 🙂

  10. I’m not a Trekkie, but I have heard that the movie is good.And…the doctor thing, I agree, can’t we just wait until we really HAVE to go?Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

  11. I know exactly of which three minutes you speak! Couldn’t skipped that!Thanks for reminding me of the the fact that I totally need to take a book with me to go to that little annual appointment. Guess I better first make the appt. though.

  12. Love this list! So much to comment on, I’ll make one of my own! I have read The Count of Monte Cristo (the abridged version) and loved it.My oldest will be driving this summer, although we did make him wait til he was 17. I look forward to that day with a combination of fear and “OH THANK YOU JESUS!” :)I am seeing Star Trek tomorrow night. FINALLY. And I can’t WAIT! For my birthday. I’m such a dork!I don’t blog regularly any more either and I would say AT LEAST every other post involves bullets or list. Ah well. I am starting to let go of the guilt though.

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