Going and coming

Yesterday I…

  • Took the kids to school
  • Ran home to put on some makeup
  • Went back to the school for a meeting
  • Ran home to eat some breakfast and put together my dish for our women’s fellowship
  • Went back to the school to help sort and count change from the “Penny War”
  • Went to my hair cut / colored (priorities, people!)
  • Came home to eat lunch
  • Went to get gas then to the bank and the library
  • Picked the kids up from school
  • Ran home to sit a little, blog a little, and throw a little supper together
  • Picked up #2 son from basketball
  • Ran #2 son home so he could grab his music
  • Took #2 son to guitar lessons
  • Ran home to put on a load of laundry and fix supper plates for #3 and 4 sons
  • Picked #2 son up from guitar
  • Took #2 son home
  • Picked #1 son up from football
  • Took #1 son home
  • Went to the ladies’ fellowship at church
  • Picked up my friend to come over to watch American Idol
  • Came home to stay…that is, until it starts all over again…

All my running around (literally) reminded me of a post I wrote a year or so ago. So, in honor of my goings and comings, and comings and goings, here’s a post from the Lisa writes… archives, circa September 2007…

A number of years ago, when our firstborn was our only born, we were renting a ninety year old house in a wonderful neighborhood with other older craftsman style homes, wide sidewalks, and the high school just a couple of blocks down the street. Ours was a corner lot, and our neighbors’ house to the left of us was only separated from us by their driveway, thus giving us firsthand knowledge of their comings and goings. Which was plenty. They had three children, two of which were school age, although I can’t remember how old exactly. What I do remember is my amazement at how often they would pull in the drive, pull out of the drive, pull in, and pull out. Go. Come. Go and come again.

Little did I know.

Little did I know how quickly that stage of my life would pass and that one day–this day–their life would be mine as well. Very often it seems all I do is get in and out of the van. In and out, in and out, go and come, come and go. To school, home from school; to soccer/football/basketball practice, home from soccer/football/basketball practice; to church, home from church. You get the idea.

As a young mom with nowhere to go and no place I needed to be, when my time was my own, dictated only by the needs and whims of my baby boy, I could not conceive of this kind of life, where the calendar is so full one needs a magnifying glass to make out the scribbled obligations in each day’s allotted square.

People ask me all the time how I do it. In fact, I often ask myself the same thing. I honestly don’t really know, except that I just do. Most days I enjoy it; some days it’s overwhelming; some days I just want to run away and hide; some days I wish so badly for those days of observing my neighbors’ hectic lifestyle, secretly wondering how and why anyone could live that way.

How do I do it? I generally reply that it’s only by God’s grace and it is. Our Father knows what I need and He offers grace according to my need. As your days are, so shall your strength be…

I can only depend on His grace, one day at a time. Each day’s trouble is sufficient…Give us this day our daily bread…

My life here in this stage is crazy, no doubt about it. It’s a whirlwind to be sure. But even in the frenetic, frantic pace I often find myself in, I can know this: His grace is sufficient. And one day, my boys will be grown, this stage will pass as quickly as it came, and I will think, “Little did I know…”


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

7 thoughts on “Going and coming”

  1. FirstHusband has been the driver while I’ve been on the mend. The day he went to school four times in one day he said, “You know, I think I have a new understanding of the mom chauffeur thing.” I think it was a VERY good thing for me that he was irritated by my schedule when he had to assume it. A VERY good thing.

  2. Oh, the season of living in our cars! So much coming and going and I have to make that travel time count for something so we end up eating in there way too much!I looked through your photos on facebook the other day and in case I have failed to mention this before, your boys are absolutely gorgeous! At times, downright beautiful 😉 The younger pics brought tears to my eyes. I love seeing all those boys together!I know it is exhausting. My aunt has sent her oldest to college after his high school years as the football star and she laments daily how much she misses it.And this is our life as mom’s, right? Struggling through each passage of time only to wish we could visit those days again ;)Nice to know we are not alone!

  3. I think I remember this post from the first go-round. (Is that really possible?) And I love it just as much today. I’ve got a foot in both camps right now (stay-at-home and going-going-going mom), and I so appreciate the wisdom of “little did I know….”

  4. Oh! I love this post! And I can REALLY relate to it. My kids are almost grown now, and my comings and goings are getting fewer and farther between. Now I can just bribe the older one to take my youngest (who will be getting his learner’s permit tomorrow) to his various practices and activities. It really freed me up once I had one to start driving. So, just know that it won’t be too long that you will get this break too. It is a wonderful feeling.

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