Monday morning randomness

Some Monday morning, post-Easter randomness for you…

On Saturday we endured what was surely one of the coldest egg hunts in history, eating our picnic lunches even as we shivered. We ate quickly, that’s for sure.

It was nearly standing room only for the Easter morning service at our little office space-turned-church. I want to say it was a good service but “good” doesn’t do it justice. It was more than good. It was joyous and humbling both as we sang of the triumph of the cross and as our pastor proclaimed the glory of the gospel of the risen Christ, He who will come again as both Judge and Savior of the world, glory to His name!

Our Easter meal was really good, if I do say so myself. No potato salad but good just the same. So good in fact we never got around to cutting the chocolate chip pie I made for dessert. Something to look forward to tonight after supper or perhaps even a late morning snack…

Our church gathered together last night for a meal and “family meeting,” our term for the handling of the church business. As we discussed and decided the two or three items on the agenda, my heart was full as I realized again: we are really doing this thing. And, like my husband added when I told him my thoughts later, it’s working! Actually, it is the Lord at work which each of us would be quick to confess. It’s only Him and it’s all Him.

Today I need to:

  • Do laundry (today and every day)
  • Clean something (pick a room, any room!)
  • Go to the grocery store (but not if it storms like “they” say it will)
  • Clean out my closet
  • Clean out my email inbox and catch up on my email replies

Today I want to:

  • Read
  • Drink coffee
  • Tweak my template (I’m still not sure about the colors and fonts plus I want to do a link bar–what do you think?)

Today I’m wondering:

  • Should I go ahead and have a piece of chocolate chip pie as a late morning snack?
  • At forty years old, shouldn’t I be over feeling like a complete idiot?
  • Does anyone actually read all this randomness?

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

18 thoughts on “Monday morning randomness”

  1. I read it. Do I count?Our Easter egg hunt on Saturday was cold, too, and yesterday was wonderful for our group of believers as well. So glad to hear how the Lord is working with your church.Laundry – me, too.Chocolate chip pie snack – absolutely. May I join you? Wish I lived close enough – I think we could have really great conversations.Feeling like an idiot? Me, too. A lot of the time. You’re not one, though.Have a happy Monday!

  2. Count me in–I read it! And I love your new template. (Makes me think — again — that I need to do something with mine.)Definitely go have that pie. And thanks for the reminder that I need to change out my laundry. πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah well it’s not really inspiring to think that I won’t have it all together by the time I’m 40. I was kinda thinking I”d be “nice and tidy” at 25. *clears throat*Um, yeah.

  4. ME ME ME! I read it. You and I are in the same place today. Didn’t grocery shop because of the storms. Did laundry. Blogged (gasp!) about my own randomness. And now I will go nap instead of any of the other things I should be doing. Because it’s a rainy Monday and nothing else sounds remotely as appealing.

  5. Yes to the chocolate chip pie, at any time!And yes, I read the random-ness. They’re often my favorite posts, because they feel so “real” — not that you’re just totally random, of course, but because you’re just sharing what’s on your mind. :)Oh — I am currently ignoring my to-do list. I started off well, but fell into an afternoon slump and can’t seem to get out.

  6. I don’t comment too often, but I definitely read and enjoy your posts. Your honesty about the challenges of being a Christian woman, wife, and mother is always refreshing.

  7. I’m so glad that you are feeling so “right” in your church now after your struggle. I KNOW how good that feels.And I hope that your answer to the choc chip pie mid-morning snack was a big YES.

  8. I love your randomness! I agree…our Easter service was WONDERMOUS! (that’s right…I said wondermous) And I hope you had the pie for a snack. I know I would have!

  9. I’m just catching up, but I hope you had pie and YES, add a link bar!! I love the randomness. Keep it coming! SO glad to hear of God’s faithfulness in your church plant!!!

  10. I like the new look! Great Job…and if I wasn’t a day late in reading your blog I would be inviting myself over for a piece of pie! One of my favorites!

  11. I’m so impressed by your new look. And a tad bit envious.My To-Do List is MIA lately. I just can’t get motivated. Maybe a piece of chocolate chip pie would help πŸ™‚

  12. I read it all too. I like your randomness. It makes me feel like I just chatted with you on the phone, and everyone knows, the best conversation are the ones that meander hither and yon.

  13. I read it and enjoy it very much! No matter what age (I’ll be 42 in August), I suspect we never “get over” all of it!Rachel Langston

  14. Did you get it all done? If you’re like me, you aspire to do more that you can actually accomplish in a day. But hey, at least we have good intentions, right? All that matters is that we keep trying anyway. Also, I know you are enjoying that porch that you spoke of in another post. Just remember that you’ll have to clean that pollen off again in about a week! πŸ™‚

  15. Well, reading Monday randomness so many days later just shows you how ‘random’ my life can be!I enjoyed reading your ‘need to’, ‘want to’, ‘wondering’ list. Would like to know what the ‘actual’ list finished as that day. Always a challenge.Blessings,Joy

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