The Treat of Retreat

This past weekend the ladies of our church went on retreat. We had a great time! Here are some of my personal highlights of the weekend:

  • Eating at Cracker Barrel Friday night. I have great affection for the grilled tenderloin sandwich. The sourdough bread? Delicious!
  • The retreat location. My dear friend graciously allowed us the use of her lakehouse and it was perfect. We had some rain but late Saturday morning we were able to walk down to the dock and enjoy the lakeside view. Gorgeous!
  • My friends’ hospitality not only in the use of her house but in leaving cookies (yummy) and fresh flowers throughout the house. Everything was so nice!
  • The laughter. Lots of it.
  • Staying up way too late talking and, you got it, laughing. Lots of laughing.
  • Our cute tee shirts. Didn’t take my camera so I don’t have one of the group shots to post so you can see the cuteness of our tees but trust me, they were.
  • Our speaker’s willingness to come despite the (very) short notice we gave her. In fact, we threw the whole thing together in nearly record time and I am grateful for each of my girlfriends who helped with the planning, the food, gathering the supplies, ordering tee shirts, making goodie bags–it was truly a group effort!
  • Learning about humility. It seems the Lord has something specific to say to us, just finishing up Brokenness in Bible study, beginning Surrender, now with a dose of humility in between. Hmmmm….
  • My word from the weekend: Is. 57:15, one we pondered nearly every session of our study on Brokenness. How I pray for the kind of heart that God revives, the heart that is contrite and humble before Him…
  • The strengthening of the bond we share as sisters and friends. I am so thankful for these, my girlfriends, my companions in the journey. The Lord has been good to us!

I do have to admit to you some degree of bittersweetness as I reflect on the retreats we took each year at my old church. At Cracker Barrel enjoying our pre-retreat meal, I saw one of my dear, dear friends who remained when we left. She asked me just how many retreats I had been on without her, knowing this was the first. I missed her terribly and once again I experienced the strange tightrope of emotion wavering between nostalgia for what was and excitement for is and what will come. Oh, but the Lord is faithful…


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

15 thoughts on “The Treat of Retreat”

  1. Cracker Barrel! Oh how I miss it. (But it’s probably a good thing I do’nt live near one.)It sounds like you had a very blessed time of fabulous fellowship! Thank you, Lord, for LAUGHTER which is healthy, a blessing, and FUN!

  2. We had a unretreat retreat this weekend. Ladies conference at our church,not an overnight deal but a Friday night, Saturday deal. It was really good. The topic was contentment and our speaker was Elyse Fitzpatrick. Glad you got away and had a good time!

  3. How wonderful! We women need to do that more frequently. We just let life and busyness get in the way too often. Every time my women’s circle meets I start my opening prayer with thanks that everyone continues to make that time a priority. Thanks that we can come together regularly to support and encourage each other. It’s become a source of nourishment for me that I really need.

  4. Hi Lisa, it sounds like you and the other ladies had an incredible time with the LORD and with one another just as a retreat should be. Thanks for sharing with us.Bless you.

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