Spring Break in review

It’s Monday, post-Spring Break Monday, and as such I have a multitude of things demanding my attention, things like laundry and grocery and enjoying my first moments of solitude in over a week (!). Due to the multitude of things that must be done today, I have set the timer, allotting myself a mere thirty minutes to craft what is sure to be the most compelling blog post you’ll read today.

Or, not.

Oh yeah, and since I have only thirty minutes, that compulsive self editor within must be suppressed so I’m asking here in advance that you overlook any and all sloppy writing (beyond the usual sloppy writing, that is).

Like I said, it was Spring Break last week and while I had lofty aspirations of completing various and sundry projects around the house, like painting my half bath or working on the front flower bed, I instead spent my mornings at the Spring Break Kids Club, a back yard Bible club hosted by the students at my church. I made turkey and cheese sandwiches and observed my sons and their peers sing, play, and share Jesus with 25 children in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ (aren’t we all?). This was no internal operation; our students canvassed the neighborhoods surrounding our Bible club location (a mission field in its own right), passing out flyers, believing the Lord to send us some kids. And He did! We now pray that He will reap a great soul harvest for His kingdom’s glory from the seeds planted last week–to the glory of His name!

I also helped with a concert hosted by our local crisis pregnancy center and discovered something: I’m officially old. For the concert I chose my outfit based on one consideration: the comfort of my shoes. And still I chose wrongly; my feet were KILLING me by the night’s end. Never mind that it was a LONG night–I have now decided I’m ridding myself of all my ten dollar (or less) cheapies and will now only acquire shoes that are both comfortable and have adequate support. Gone are the days when cute trumped comfort!

On a walk around the block one night last week with my two youngest boys, we met up with some neighbors from a couple of streets over. We began to chat about various and sundry things before our discussion finally landed on church stuff. They have walked a similar journey, ten years ago now. Though their situation was a little different, they know full well the concurrent emotions of grief and exhilaration that accompany a church split/plant. How encouraging to boast in the Lord with fellow believers!

We traveled to our friends’ home several states away to spend this past weekend with them, their three sons and their newly adopted little girl. You may remember me linking to her blog and the story of their adoption journey. What a precious little girl! We had a great time getting to know her as well as catching up with our dear friends. It was a great weekend. I think the maybe the song is correct though certainly cheesy: Friends are friends forever…

And, one Spring Break highlight not to be overlooked: while at our friends’ home, we paid a visit to IKEA! Pretty cool! I can well understand why it is the phenomenon it is–I loved it and could have easily spent hours on end shopping til I dropped, you know, had we had room in the suburban to haul it all home!

So, there you have it. A brief overview of our Spring Break week. My timer still has a few minutes left, so I will see how many comma splices I can delete and maybe run spell check. Have a great Monday…


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

13 thoughts on “Spring Break in review”

  1. I went through a similar shoe thing a few years ago. I NEVER buy for looks any longer. I wear almost exclusively, Birkenstocks. They are the only thing that don’t make my feet hurt. Trouble is, they don’t always look good with dresses 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great week.And I laughed about the shoe comfort thing. I am so there! I walked into the “orthopedic” shoe store last week and said “I need shoes for my plantar fasciitis but I don’t want ugly old=lady shoes. They’re somewhere in-between!

  3. I’m also making time for some quiet this morning.And I had to switch to “real” shoes too. The Disney theme park days prompted the switch. After trying on many, many, many (and buying a few pairs that didn’t work out), I’ve found that New Balance has a few “models” that work well for me.

  4. Ah, I recently went to an IKEA for the first time also! AMAZING!Sounds like you had a busy last week. Have fun catching up on “regular life” today!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful break! How industrious, to do a Spring Break Bible Club!Glad you’re back safely.

  6. Sounds busy, but very productive. And I hear you on the feet. I have done irreparable damage to my feet through years of cute, cheap shoes, and now must wear arch support inserts all the time. I hate it. Oh — and good shoes are important for IKEA trips too, since they can stretch out into hours. Fun store!

  7. I suffer endlessly for cute shoes. I’ll have hideous bunions someday to prove it ;)It sounds like a good week, even without everything getting accomplished.

  8. Ah, you mentioned us on your blog! (One of these days I’m gonna surprise everyone and actually start posting again on my blog.)It was so great to have our families together again – we’re already talking about when we might come your way…I say you get to the nearest IKEA and buy you some stuff!

  9. Clark brand shoes is what works for 40+ women, trying to be hip, but craving comfort more than being the latest fashion trend. I have several pairs…one pair I’ve kept so long, the sides have split on them. They now lie in the trash. A sacred passing of sorts.We have an outlet close by, so I will be heading there for a summer pick very soon.peace~elaine

  10. Dearest Lisa, I loved reading your posts. Last week with the kids was one of my favorite weeks since moving to Albertville. It was an eye-opener for me of how small I presupposed our ministry would be. The fields are ripe for harvest and I had a blast with you and your family working the fields! P.S. I also have to second Randy and ask, “What about broom hockey?!”

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